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April 25, 2007

snow, and food


it was mostly snow and rain in montreal when i was there last week. sunday night, after stepping out the restaurant kaizen, we saw snow flurries. by the time we drove back to the hotel, the whole city was blanketed with white powder. but kaizen was so wicked good, i can not stop thinking about the food. next time i'm ordering omakase.

it became pretty apparent second day into the trip that montreal, aside from the conference, was going to be all about food. every single dining experience i've had in montreal had undoubtedly been the best of its kind. aside from kaizen, we also visited zenya. their tuna tartar was so unexpectedly presented and excellent to taste. if you're like me, a sushi lover, you must try the chirashi sushi. the best i've had in my life.

also, otto at the W hotel, hip and modern and oh so delicious. tangerine mojito, smashed blueberry, grapefruit juice and a dash of gin. i love theirs cocktails. love their food, too. such a joy to eat, beautiful to look at. at otto, food was not just a meal, it was a wholesome experience.

the last night in montreal, i met up with a long lost friend at rosalie. we had dessert under the dim light setting and dreamy decor. montreal is a trendy place. so french and so chic, i even forgot about the yarn shops. all i brought back with me was a bottle of maple syrup, and lots of fond culinary memories.

and this completed sock.



Oh, I love Montreal. Sounds like you had good times, great food -- and what a lovely sock!

I really like how the sock looks on the foot!

Glad you had a good time, despite the crummy weather. You made the right choice by spending your time at the restos rather than the yarn shops. Montreal is all about the eating. I've never been to Kaizen, but live just two blocks away. It's on my list now!

I guess you don't care that it's warm and springy here now. :) I'm glad you found lots of good places to eat!

Awe, sorry to hear that it was snowy and cold for your trip. Your sock is great though! Will there be a mate soon? :-p

Pretty bubblegum sock! Sounds like a fun trip, even though I am sure you had to so some work in between the meals. All this talk about food is making me hungry... :)

Cool sock! I love Montreal too - great dining!

Mmmm, nice.

It sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the weather. I would love to get up there one day soon. Sounds like a great place :)

Love the sock - so pretty!

What a conincidence! When I was in Montreal this summer I was knitting exactly the same socks! It must be something to do with the air in Canada....

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