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April 11, 2007

where in montreal?


just wondering, if any of my readers are from montreal, canada. i'm going there for a conference this saturday, and i want to see if there's any yarn shops downtown i can get to easily. it's foolish not to get some handmaiden or fleece artist yarns while in the neighborhood, right?! along with a gigantic bottle of maple syrup. i also take any advice or tips for food. that's just as important to me as yarn (and fabric).

the weather has been cold, even in atlanta. sigh! i am digging out my packed sweaters and jackets. cold weather has also inspired me to knit up this skein of sock that rocks yarn. i am almost done with the first sock, it'll be great if i can finish the second one in montreal. that way i will get an extra pair of socks to wear. i never pack enough socks when i travel.

this isnancy bush's gentleman's fancy sock pattern, but it looks more like bubble gums to me.


Ooh, such a gorgeous sock. That's a great pattern, it looks so elegant, yet it's so easy. I love it in those colors.

alison of brainylady lives in montreal - maybe you could send her a note? (http://brainylady.blogspot.com/) she's very sweet - i'm sure she'd give you a list!

beautiful colors!

Kate Gilbert lives in Montreal (http://www.kategilbert.com/blog/). I live about an hour away, but I've never been there, so I can't really help with the pointing out of yarn stores.

That's a beautiful colorway! Which is it?!

I'd like to know the colorway too! It's lovely!

There are two good yarn shops in Montreal:

Effiloche: http://www.effiloche.com/English.html
6252, Saint-Hubert
Montreal, QC, H2S 2M2
M : closed
T - W : 11 am - 7 pm
T - F : 11 am - 9 pm
Sat : 10 am -5 pm
Sun : noon - 5 pm
2679 Notre Dame W.
One block east of Atwater,
Lionel Groulx Métro
Phone: (514) 935-4401
Mardi/Tues 11-18
Mercredi/Wed 11-18
Jeudi/Thur 11-19
Vendredi/Fri 11-19
Samedi/Sat 11-17
Dimanche/Sun 12-17

Have fun!

those socks are so yummy! the bubble gum look is dead on too.

Very cute! Are you doing the pattern as written, or are you just following the stitch pattern? I made a pair recently but decided to more or less follow my basic sock recipe and add the pattern stitch to it. Either way, yours are going to look great when they're done!

I was in Montreal last weekend and it was COLD!!! It snowed! Unforunately I didn't have the chance to visit any yarn stores as most places were closed for the holidays (Easter Sunday).

Lovely colors and patterning! Looks great in that yarn. I hope you have a fun time in Montreal - I haven't been there yet, but would love to go!

I have a skein of that - it looks gorgeous knitted up, I think I need to take some inspiration from you...

Oh, I read your blog too late! I don't have anything to add to the two yarn store suggestions, but I always have opinions on what to eat, what to do, etc. Hope you got to sample some maple tire. If you're still around, send me an email!

Oh, I love that sock pattern in that yarn. I may have to try it the STR that I have. I hope you have a good trip.

Very cool socks. I would have never thought to use anything other than a solid for that pattern. Now I can go back through the book and re-imagine a lot of those socks in gorgeous Sock That Rock colors! Thanks!

Hope Montreal was great- Mmmm Handmaiden and Fleece artist AND maple syrup... YUM!
Great match of yarn and pattern for those Nancy Bush socks.
ps- I have to mail a little package to you...

Did you get to have a famous Montreal smoked meat sandwich for lunch... at this place:


I'm not into meat all that much but some people love the place in a big way.

Off-Side Comment: I'm wondering how you got the copyright pop-ups on your blog... I'd like to do that on mine...

Oh and the knitting looks fabulous! Cheers!

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