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May 29, 2007

barcelona skirt

barcelona skirt
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pattern: amy butler's barcelona skirts
difficulty (1-5): 2.5
pattern size: small (6-8)
fabric: 1.5 yd of amy butler's belle in sea green coriander, blue cotton lawn for lining, 7" invisible zipper

i have been secretly stalking amy butler's barcelona skirt ever since i these photos on her website. it was the most spring, anne of green gables kind of beauty i've seen. so finally i'm making my own, with her pattern and fabric, i'm copying this one, without any imagination of my own.

a lined skirt is just that much more substantial than one without. before i started this project, i have also studied boden's skirts for construction ideas. most of them were lined with cotton lawn, instead of the more traditional acetate, or polyester. so blue cotton lawn it was for my amy's layer skirt. i picked out the green zipper th match, in the end, i think it turned out very well. color coordinating wise.

amy's patterns are great. and this is the first time i tried her garment patterns. i'm really pleased with the clarity of wording and illustrated instructions. i had some issues with fitting hence a couple adjustments were made:

the size indicated on the pattern was for finished garments. i wasn't paying that much attention before i cut it so i had cut the wrong size (worse thing for pattern cutting!). so, to resolve this i cut off 2 inches of the top layer to allow for the waist. unfortunately, it made the skirt sit too low. i had to later seam up a couple inches around the waist. it made the finishing a little messy, but, i love the fit with this adjustment.

secondly, i did not hem the skirt. i just stitched up 1/2 inches above hemline and let it frayed. i thought it looks better with the overall washed, frayed look.

what i love the most was the zipper. i love how invisible it was! i was a little confused if i had installed it correctly, especially with the lining. i checked other skirts in my wardrobe, some with linings sewn together with the zipper flap (ie, it was sandwiched between the lining and the exterior). not sure which one is better, either way, i love zippers!

i'm also pretty happy with my craftsmanship this time, all lines were managed to match up! it was definitely worth my time to sew with a little more attentive attitude.

you can never have enough summer skirts, so i'm making another one (non-layered version) whenever i get another chance to sew again.


wow, so pretty, I've had dreams about this pattern, unfortunately this is way to difficult for me and my machine, or maybe it's the two of us together that are the problem.

Love it. Amy B's site is such a source of inspiration. I made a dress similar to one on that very page because I "had to have it".

I haven't tried the skirt pattern yet, but I did try her cabo halter top pattern this weekend. It was super easy.

It is lovely - great photostyling too. Your kitty is so pretty :)

I like the idea of a frayed edge.

Very nice! Very very nice indeed! I am just curious about where to get Amy Butler's fabrics. Did you order it or is there a place I could get it in the Montreal area? Thank you!

Your skirt is quite beautiful! I too have been eyeing this skirt - and yours may have just sent me off to go sew it!

Keep up the inspirational sewing projects!

love it!

Love the skirt! I'm doing some sewing right now too with similar issues. I'm making a dress and using cotton lawn for the lining. I really like the cotton lawn but the one I chose is so light weight that it frays easily and I'm a worried that if I make a mistake I won't be able to salvage the cotton lawn after ripping out the seams.

I'm going to try and put in an invisible zipper too and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will go okay.

That is one beautiful Summer skirt!

Gorgeous! You did am amazing job. Zipper looks impeccable.

It is so cute, that you've inspired a friend of mine to try to sew this. She's never sewn before, so we are going to make a weekend of it. Fun, fun!

The skirt looks amazing. The zipper is perfectly invisible and you must tell me more about the lock cutter presser foot!

ooo, love your skirt! it is good to see some sewing on the blogs - i haven't seen much around so well done!! (and i am very jealous of your yohji shirt!! i picked up a fantastic Y3 wool jacket earlier this year off ebay and i am totally in love with it!)

I saw that pattern the other day and now that I've seen yours I think I need to order it and some fabric. Summer skirts are so easy and comfortable and yet I can wear them to work (of course it needs to warm up here first). I'm off to shop!

Your sewing projects are all so amazing! This skirt is a perfect fit on you. Great skirt, great photo, hello kitty.

Your skirt looks fantastic, and I have that same fabric too, although mine is for a bag I am going to make of hers. You are getting so good at making your own clothes too.

Beautiful. I love the cat in the windowsill in the picture, also. I'm using some Amy Butler fabric for the first time, making an A-line skirt. I'm smitten.

Oh, that is SO cute. And it's a great cat picture, too. :)

Wow, beautiful skirt! Your outfit looks so comfortable...

It looks fantastic, and I always love your photographs - so pretty! :-)


it's delightful! and i love how kitty is in the photo shoot.

i absolutely love this skirt and you did a fabulous job...so much so that i am also thinking i need to blatently rip it off (colour, style everything) for next summer.

a quick question though....the pattern says 2 yards for the 3 smallest sizes but you only used 1.5 yards. Is that right?

Your skirt looks great! I absolutely love the fabric, and the frayed edge is very cool! You did such a great job!

I have this pattern and have just been staring at it, but have not opened it yet. Your's looks great and I do love the colors of that fabric!

Oh your skirt looks fantastic! Love it. I've been admiring that pattern myself, it's great to see more shots of it from someone who've made one.

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