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May 21, 2007

yohji shirt

yohji shirt
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pattern: simplicity 4077
difficulty (1-5): 3
pattern size: 8
fabric: 1.2 yd of lblack italian linen

if white linen belongs to the beach; black linen, is for the city. a city with summer rain.

i had finally had time to sew again. instead of deciding which print goes for which pattern, i made a shirt with this pattern again. with black linen, sleeveless. like the linen shirt you would see in yohji yamamoto's collection. i called it my yohji shirt.

my linen print was somewhat loosely woven but black prevents it from looking transparent. it's a little coarse, but i know with time, it will be soft like cotton, all wrinkly. my shirt will get friendlier with time.

black linen is quite photogenic, i'm happy with how it looks under the afternoon sun. though i think it's darkness goes better with a cloudy sky.

black shell buttons in my yohji shirt. it's a constant reminder of summer.


Nice job. I love the simpleness of the black linen with this pattern.

It's really pretty. I love the modeled shot on flickr.

I love the black linen! Such a different look from the Bohemian print. I'm off to Flickr to see the modeled shot, and esp to see how this pattern looks sleeveless. (You know you're a primary source of sewing inspiration for me, right?) :)

yep, love it. lovely, lovely linen and buttons. with my skintone i rarely wear white, but black linen? fantastic. great work, blossom!

Lovely top! It's time to bring out the linen again, I'm wearing all linen to work today and it feels like summer.

I love that shirt, especially in the black linen.

Oooh, I have a great love of linen. This is a beautiful shirt. Perfect, as you say, for the city. Lovely :)

Oh, that's cute! I love it in both fabrics! It's a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to wear something you've sewn, isn't it? Very crisp and understated, yet sophisticated at the same time.

It looks fabulous in black linen. Thanks for this wonderful tip of re-interpreting designs by using different types of fabric. I love how you get a totally different effect with the same pattern.

Love the shirt! You are inspirational!

So simple, yet so beautiful!

Ooooh. I love it. I loved the first one, but this one is awesome too. Now I really must go buy that pattern so I can try my own. You're such an inspiration to me.

Very beautiful in its simplicity.

simply stunning. Nice choice of buttons too. A beautiful piece of work.

It's absolutely gorgeous. I really like the other shirt you made with this pattern too. I'm going to have to look for this the next time I'm at the fabric store.

Love your blog!

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