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June 04, 2007

a herd

i saw this little elephant in one of my japanese craft books. i decided to draw out the pattern and make my version this weekend. the original looks like it's made out of linen but i made mine with some cashmere i have laying around.

cashmere elephant

cute?! i love that it's cashmere (who wouldn't?) and you can't stop with making just one... the herd grows, with a wee one, too!

cashmere elephant


Those are so adorable. I love them marching in a line.

You really can't go wrong with cute cashmere elephants! What a happy family!

So incredibly cute! Love the little baby :)

How sweet!

so cute!

Wow, how adorable. I love how your pattern came out.


well done and cashmere! Those are keepers.

Awww! How cute they are!

These are just TOO cute - I've always adored elephants. You made me smile. Thanks.

Sooooo cute!

OMG, the teeny one at the end? So cute! I am smitten!!

these are way cute! They look so happy all perched on that ledge!

Adorable. I *heart* Japanese craft books!

Sooo cute!

Those are adorable! And swanky! Great job.

OMG!! They r sooooooo cute!!!!!!!

hi! this is my first comment, but ive been reading for many months now. i love your sewing projects! it inspired me to dig out the sewing machine and get some patterns. the elephants are so cute!

OMG! Too cute!

How cute!!

these are amazing! i love them all in a line. it's perfect.

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