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June 21, 2007

going somewhere

front yard

we will be moving into a proper house in a few weeks. lately, our lives were filled of uncertainties. but at last, we will be moving into a nice little house in a quiet col de sac. and better yet, with an option of buying it later on if we decided to do so.

cats have no idea what's coming, their days of squirrel chasing are finally here again. poor cats, they were not happy with living just inside. they miss the woods. i can't believe that the well-being of our animals had played such an important role when we were looking for a place to live.

and a craft room. i'm tempted to paint it "whispering pine" again. i miss that green. and, we will be able to grill out again.

oh how deprived we've all been living in a town home.

because this house reminds me of a little hut in the woods. i found a set of perfect prints to go with the house. adventure awaits, i hope this new place will bring us quaint and happiness. and lots of fun.


Your new place sounds lovely, and so sweet of you to think of the cats. Can't wait to see your new craft room!

Oh, how exciting! I can't wait to see your decorating choices and what you make for the new home! Good luck moving!

That sounds great, definitely paint the craft room whispering pine! I'm happy for your cats, too. I love living in a house, so much more space. I don't think I can go back to living in an apartment...

It sounds wonderful. I wish that I were "going somewhere", too!

Congratulations on moving! Tell me all about it! :)

I hope your move goes well and your 'adventure' is a wonderful one!

Good luck with the move, I hope that you will all be very happy in your new home and that there will be plenty of squirrel chasing in your futures! A.x

Oh, congratulations! I hope you do paint the room WP again. :) And those Wonderland prints are precious.

that looks so familiar! like my parents house! which town did you move to?

Oh, that looks beautiful!

congratulations! good luck with the packing and the settling in :)

Congratulations on your new home! It sounds lovely. Best wishes for the move and settling in!

I'm so glad you're moving somewhere that will make you happy. I know I'd never be happy living in the city after living in the country - it so soothing out here.

Congrats on the move - sounds amazing.

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