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June 27, 2007

mustard wall flower dress

mustard wall flower dress
photoshoot is more interesting when you have a glass of raspberry champagne (click to see more)

pattern: mccalls 5042
difficulty (1-5): 3
pattern size: 10 (but upper body was close to 8)
fabric: 2 yd of amy butler's lotus in mustard wall flower, kaffe fassett's light yellow cotton for lining, 20" invisible zipper

summer is really all about dresses. especially so in the lives of those anthropologie girls. but honesty, i'm not a dress person, as i've said that last year upon the completion of my cherry bomb dress. i really haven't been wearing dresses all that much.

i think the key was really in the fit. it's really hard for me to find a dress that fits. i did find one few months ago, but that was after spending $200 at saks. it's a good thing that i can sew.

dress-making is bit tricky. especially the look i'm going for is form-fitting. it requires complete honesty with your own body type, which may or may not be an easy thing depending on the day. i now realized that for my size, i have fairly slender torso, average size waist and hipline. and we all know that i'm petite, so that's not a surprise here.

so to make this form-fitting dress, i had to heavily tailor the side seams from arm holes down to the waist, sort of like drawing a v-shape. it's really easier said than done. and i normally just wing it. as such, the result was usually a workable but less aesthetically pleasing one. especially when there's lining involved.

i decided to go for the invisible zipper again. but to add a bit of character, i used a contrast color. though you can not see it (unless you unzipped my dress), it's a nice surprise. i also hand sewn the linings close to zipper. it's possibly the most labor-intensive part of the whole process. but i think it makes the finishing a whole lot less home-made.

adding lining to the whole garment in light cotton lawn, which i got from the quilt shop last year, really added a lot more to a dress. it holds up a lot better, sorry i don't have too many words to describe it structurally other than these airy-fairy comments. take my word: line the dress. it's so incredibly worth it.

learning a new trick is always intimidating at first but completely worthwhile after the trick was learned. this was the case for sewing blind stitch. i popped in the blink-stitch foot, read the instructions, and so glad i did that as it was really really simple. this dress hence, has a lovely hemline.

it took about three days for the making of my mustard wall flower dress. before that, i read what i could find online about this pattern, and was highly encouraged by the resulting dresses i found here and here. i concur with what angry chicken had mentioned, this dress looks a bit goody two shoes for me. but i hope there will be an occasion in my life that would call for such outfit (summer wedding, perhaps?). i already have a pair of lady shoes from stuart weitzman to go with it. i guess it would also go with a pair of red sandals.

in conclusion, i love this dress, it's a testament of my learning to sew journey. and i want to join the club of anthro girls. but i wonder if they require you to have long slender legs?


The dress is beautiful! Great job :)

What a beautiful dress, so nicely made, it looks as though it was worth the effort.

That dress looks very professional! The zipper is hidden perfectly, the lining is impeccable, and the hem is just like from the store! Looks great on you, too.

Just beautiful! I love dresses, i should really buy that pattern, it's very flattering.

I love that dress! You did such a fantastic job.

So beautiful! You did such a great job on it, it looks just as perfectly done on the outside as the inside. I know what you mean about being completely honest about your size - the dresses won't fit well otherwise. It looks so perfect on you too!

Love that beautiful dress!!! It's stunning on you.

The dress is gorgeous! (and fits you perfectly too!) I think the lining really makes the dress look a lot more finished. Does the pattern have directions for a lined dress, or did you modify it to put the lining in?

What a beautiful job you have done! The dress is fabulous.

I love your dress. It looks fantastic on you. I also have the lotus fabric in that colour and have been thinking of making a skirt but I haven't found the time yet. I also completely agree with you about lining and the blind hem stitch - they really do finish a dress or skirt perfectly.

It's beautiful! I always love to see your finished objects! Just gorgeous!

Your dress is so wonderful! Again, you're inspiring me to sew more!

That's adorable. You should wear it every day :)

Wow! It looks just beautiful on you! Great fit and thanks for the tips. ;)

So pretty! It looks very beautiful on you!

Oh, Blossom, this is amazing.

I can't help but notice the arm holes are nice and roomy. That's the problem I always have. They're usually cut so conservatively now that sweat has no where else to go!

You're an amazing sewer these days. I can't wait to see your next project.

BTW, I cast on for that Cabled Aran Cardigan you shared with me. Post to come.

I love the idea of that dress with red sandals. Fabulous. Great color for the dress choice too! A job well done.

It's perfect! I know what you mean about having a hard time finding a place to wear a dress, but I think a summer wedding would be perfect for this!

You did a wonderful job on that dress! I'm jealous of your sewing skills. Great color and the wine does make a better photo :)

Screw the 6-foot-tall Anthro girls -- your dress is better anyway, especially if you bring out the red sandals with it. :) I'm sitting on my first dress pattern right now -- thanks for the tips.

That dress is awesome! I have two patterns sitting at home which I really bought to deal with the fact I find it so hard to buy dresses that fit. Sadly, I have been too afraid to make them. You may inspire me... How did you learn to line it? Just fantastic. Well done!

gorgeous dress! it fits beautifully and looks great on you. i've been wondering about this butler print for a dress; yours is so lovely, i no longer have doubts.

Wow! It looks great! (Cute shoes, too!) You should be so proud of yourself!

Perfect fit! And I love that print. Yellow is such a good summer color.

You look so cute and pretty in that dress! Good job! And I like your black heels! how sexy ! =)

Your dress looks WONDERFUL!

Wow, what a beautiful dress! I was already inspired by your Amy Butler skirts (I went out and bought pattern) and now this is wonderful. But first, I must have faith in the sewing machine... Thanks for all your sewing tips!

Wow. You've made me want to start sewing again. The detail work on the zipper is amazing. I also love the idea of the red zipper with that mustard colored dress, even if only you know it's there. Beautiful work on the lining. Really, really pretty.

I love your dress! Absolutely love it. I don't think there is anything wrong with goody two shoes! I say wear it this weekend and go out and show it off! :)

Oh how beautiful! You look lovely. :-)

I like the flounce of the skirt.

Great dress!I too, have trouble finding anything that fits me really well in the shops (within budget anyway!)and have been meaning to make some clothes myself, you've inspired me, thankyou.

your dress it beautiful - so fresh and cool looking - great job!

You did a wonderful job as always. You are such a sewing inspiration. Every time you have a new post I read it at least 2-3 time to soak up some of the sewing mojo.

Just wonderful!

Beautiful! It's too cold here for pretty dresses at the moment :-(

So pretty! It's the perfect summer dress!

I'm so inspired, I might have to put down the sticks and go downstairs to the Pfaff and make me one of these!

Gorgeous. I love it for a summer wedding or even a nice dinner out with the hubby. And the shoes - omg - I'm in love. Sigh. There you go, inspiring me again. I only hope my dress project comes out as well.

I found your blog by searching for this fabric. The dress is beautiful, and looks so well made! I'll be back.

Sandi Henderson

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