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June 19, 2007

simply white

cotton linen dress

pattern: slip dress from japanese craft book
difficulty (1-5): 2 (3.5 for fitting!)
pattern size: 11
fabric: 1.7m of cotton and linen blend in white, self made biased tape from same fabric

as much as i love bright colors and artsy prints (which i will have to show you some oilily items i recently obtained). sometimes, anything more than sedated whites is too much. especially in summer where colors are seen everywhere.

so i made a white dress with a cotton/linen print i've had. the pattern is the dress shown on the cover of this book. it took a little imagination to transfer pattern pieces overlapped one another onto the fabric for cutting. believe it or not, i was trying to find the best way to do it for a long time until finally i bought a roll of tracing paper from an art supply store. i also had a bit of difficulty to line up the pattern pieces as it was entirely cut as biased.

i'm not sure about this dress, fit wise. it was definitely not a form fitting style. i had to modified the fit several times by seam up the sides more than necessary. the pattern pieces were too simple to do any adjustments, so with just side seams to play with, the fitting was not as easy as it should be. of course with instructions being in a different language did not help either.

i think the husband had described it best - it's like the night gown you'd see on wendy from peter pan. but still, i like how comfortable cotton and linen feel against the skin.

anyway, it should suffice the purpose when wearing it over a bathing suit. i had my knitted slip last summer, so at least now i can wear a fabric version without worrying that the straps would come apart.

more importantly, would i try the patterns from this book again? probably. however, i will make a top instead. dress making is a challenge when it come to fit. i may go back to simplicity patterns or alike as you can add more custom tailoring if so desired.


You did a great job. It looks sooo comfortable. You could wear it when you're lounging aroudn the house. :)

It really looks lovely!

It's adorable! I am sure you will like the fit better as you wear it and the fabric relaxes a little. The bias cut will have some give to it. Great job!

It's nice Blossom, at least it's comfortable to wear, and it's perfect in white.

That's a lovely dress! I love the simple, clean lines. I've had a tough time getting sewing patterns written in english to fit me, so I can only imagine what it must be like with a japanese pattern...

Well it looks simply beautiful. Maybe you could try something similar using a dress you already have as a model? I love it, though, Wendy or not.

Beautiful dress!

oooh i would wear this with some lightweight pants all summer long!!

This is simply wonderful. (I like the idea of the Wendy nightgown- Only classier!)

This is understated and elegant. I think your white version looks better than the version on the book cover!

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