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July 31, 2007


dining room
dining room with chocolate color wall and black apple's paintings

i finally took some pictures of our new place last night. it turns out that only our dining room is in a presentable form. see, black apple's paintings looks smashing here, don't they? we have been having dinner at our dining table ever since we moved in! which really was amazing, considering we always eat in front of the tv.

and we can never live without a grill, ever again.

the rest of the house is still messy, but at least now my craft room is not screaming scary purple. the only problem this house has is the lack of lighting, which can be a problem for a crafter! we hence painted the room a shade called barely green. and it really is a very non-committal green, and sometimes can even be a bit yellowy. i like it nonetheless, it's so refreshing.

craft room
messy craft room (with black apple's painting, too)!

i also changed the bulbs in the room with those energy efficient compressed ones with "sunlight" grade. it's sunlight bright alright. almost too much! so instead of having four, i swapped two out with the usual incandescent ones. it's sort of weird but i'm sure i can live with it.

for those of you who were wondering about our animals, they are doing great. we have yet to release them outdoor. maybe this weekend. last we counted, there were three neighborhood cats. i guess they'd need to re establish the territories yet again. and to make things even more complicated for the feline community, we just learned that husband's parents are returning the third cat we had asked them to take care of before we moved here last year. short notice. we probably need to get her next week. the tricky part: she's half feral (reason why we had to leave her behind in the first place) and always considers herself the alpha cat. and... the best part, we are not even sure how to capture her to bring her here. any ideas? blow gun? fish net?

will write again soon.

July 02, 2007


wow! thank you for everyone who stopped by and left me a comment of my dress. it was a fun project from beginning to end, not to mention the wearability of it. i intend to make more dresses and a few other clothing items for myself before the summer ends. after that, my sister is waiting for something from me, she's expecting a baby girl later this year and i want to give her a package filled with handmade goodies!

we did a bit of house improvement this weekend, though. the place we'll be moving into needed a bit of work, we painted the craft room to be. this was what the room looks like before. i only had one thought in my head when i saw it: what were they thinking, i really wanted to know. anyway, painting is still in progress, so you'll have to wait a little for the after pictures.

needless to say, we'll be busy packing and unpacking for the next couple weeks. meanwhile, i shall indulge you in some of my oilily collection. thanks to hege, i was exposed to the wonderful world of colors a few years ago. since then, there was no turning back.