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August 29, 2007

experimenting with textures

scrumptious silk and worn linen

when we moved last year, i was forced to sort through my clothing. i donated most of the ones i rarely worn and some, threw away without even thinking. but there were a few i just couldn't part with, regardless how unflattering the fashion was. i saved three pairs of pants, thinking that one day, i would make something out of them.

the pinstripe linen pants from country road was the very first pair of "grown up" pants i ever owned. it was with me when i first fell in love, fell out of love; it was with me when i first experienced independence and traveled with me to many places. the beautiful summer linen held up so well with years of dry cleaning (before i realized that linen can be hand wash), and i just couldn't give it away.

it is strange how a piece of clothing holds all these sentiments that it became part of you.

lately, i was heavily inspired by six.5 stitches' work. and i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get to know her a little bit through our little swap a while ago. the way she works with different types of textures and fibers is so inspiring to me, that i immediately realized what to do with my pinstripe linen pants.

when i brought this idea to my husband, asking what would work with linen, he suggested satin.

two days later, i came home with the most beautiful, scrumptious midnight blue silk satin i have ever seen. it looks even better next to my linen pants.

the project is almost done, but i just couldn't wait to blog about it.


ooooo, i'm so curious what your making!? can't wait to see.

Ooh, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Good combo! Are you making a skirt? I'm trying to squint at my computer screen to figure out what you're making...

That color is so rich and sophisticated. I look forward to seeing your new project!

i was browsing twinkle by wenlan and saw that she had a linen shirt with a satin trim at the neck...looks like a good combination...
can't wait to see your creation!

can't wait to see!!

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