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September 12, 2007

in the shop

thanks to everyone who provided me the possible cause for my sewing machine problems. when i was searching online for such information, it was surprisingly sparse. i am so glad to see so many of you have had similar experiences and provided me some solutions.

a couple things about leather: i did use leather specific needles, and upholstery thread (100% nylon, very sturdy), and adjusted the top thread tension to -2 (which i think is looser?). and increased the stitch length. when i tested it was sewing just fine. but when something happened, it happened really fast (ie, the timing belt slipped off...). and the breakdown was rather an immediate event.

anyway, i finally succumbed to having the professionals checked out my machine. my husband took it to the repair shop and brought along the evidence (scraps of leather) of before and after stitches. husband said that the guy told him these types of machines (ie, basic household models) are not meant to sew such thick leather, it would require industrial strength sewing machine. i guess i better not tempt faith and sew leather again, after it's repaired and readjusted. what do you think?

which will probably change my plan for this cute diaper bag. maybe linen handles then. maybe that would work as well.


now something fun... remember this piece of gorgeous wool cashmere alison spoiled me with? i am going to pair it with equally decadent piece of light gray cashmere and make my first ever quilt. to make it even more luxurious, i bought some liberty of london cottons. among other cute prints.

i'm hoping the end result would look somewhat like this:


i can't wait to get started! it'll be a lap blanket to curl up in during winter. though i foresee this would be a cat blanket, too. my cats are used to luxury. they would not lay on hardwood floor, or even sit their cat butts on without any cushioning. i'm sure they would love to test how soft cashmere really feels.


Oooh, quilting is so much fun! Good luck!

I love the fabrics. They will make a beautiful quilt.

nice... a cashmere quilt! can't wait to see.

The fabrics and the layout look awesome! I want to try my hand at quilting this fall but I am so overwhelmed by fabric choices. This quilt layout is very inspiring. Did you do the design in PhotoShop?

how indulgent! i love love love that wool cashmere. Is it so soft?

Oh, the blanket will be beautiful! Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics, and your layout makes the most of them.

And you could always hand sew the leather bits -- it shouldn't take too terribly long with a really sharp needle...

Oh my- I LOVE the schematic of your quilt. Exceptional planning too, to do a picture like that!

I love how you're mixing an old craft with a modern aesthetic!

I love your choice of fabrics. I'm at the computer catching up on my blog reading because as I was sewing (about 10 minutes ago) my sewing machine started behaving very badly. Two broken needles, a strange noise, and countless snapped threads later, here I am. I was so frustrated, I had to take a break before I even considered trying to fix the problem. It was ironic to come to your blog and find the two previous posts.

If you like sewing with leather you may want to consider getting a vintage Singer 348 (aqua color). They are a workhorse of a machine from the 1960's. I have my Moms old one and it rocks! It was one of the last machines made with an all metal drive. Made in Great Britain. It was a home sewing machine that alot of dealers today refer to as industrial. I have seen these on ebay for anywhere from $50-$100 with shipping. They sew leather heavy duty jeans, etc. None of my newer all plastic sewing machines can keep up with this one! Check on ebay every couple of weeks and you can find one. They are worth their weight in gold!

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