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September 04, 2007

ripple skirt

ripple skirt :: silk panel
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pattern: ripple skirt, my own
difficulty (1-5): 3.5
pattern size: small
fabric: 1 yd of satin silk and pinstripe linen, buttons

ripples from silk, from the lines of pinstripe linen. shades of blue, it's like colors from various depths of water, with lusters created by two different types of fabrics. it's also about asymmetry. uneven hemlines, unexpected silk panel and an exaggerated tie.

my first attempt of taking a concept, an idea and making them into a skirt.

like i mentioned in previous post. it started with wanting to selvage a pair of old pants. i thought a wrapped skirt would be wonderful, as far as making it from scratch goes. linen was limited so i bought some silk, wedged in between the front and back linen pieces, and added a large silk panel which overlaps the linen.

in theory, it's really not that difficult. but i think just like any design projects, i really did not know what to expect. i think working with silk brought enough challenge for me. i also had to make my own bias tape from slippery silk, and lots and lots of hand finishing.

i love the end result, to say the least. it was really satisfying to wear something i have put a lot of thought and work into. and most of all i have recycled many parts of the pants, that includes shell buttons (which can't be seen from the outside, it was sewn hidden to secure the wrap skirt), and belt loops, to secure the silk tie.

it's also a very wearable skirt, i know it's now officially the end of summer, but i think linen still has its place in early fall. especially with long sleeved cotton tees, or, a thin cashmere sweater.


That skirt looks gorgeous! I would love to see more pictures.

What a lovely idea! Looks fabulous.

lovely skirt! so creative.

Great job! I love the color combinations! :)

It looks just like the piece of art that it is. I don't know if that makes sense, but I think it is the furthest thing from ordinary and I mean that in the best way possible.

You've created a very charming skirt, unusual and so nice on you!

Wonderful fabric combination. We need to see more pictures tho ;)

gorgeous! love that you recycled.

You made your own silk bias tape?! Crazy. You must be so proud of your new creation :)

I applaud your ingenuity. It takes a certain amount of bravery and confidence to create in the manner that you did with your skirt. =)

Very cute, I love it! Nice job.

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