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October 15, 2007

sending off


after spending the past couple months working on the baby package for my sister, i made two muslin drawstring bags for mama and baby. i think it should wrapped this up nicely.

these elephants have been happy being residents of my craft room. but sadly one of them is going to be living with my sister's new baby. to send the elephant (i'm calling this one molly) off, i made her a bag.


it has nice, plushy pink lining, and linen tape as ties.


oh, finally i have time to knit! i

sunrise circle jacket

this is the "almost finished" sunrise circle jacket. i'm really eager to finish the last piece so i can seam it up and wear it this winter. it's going to be interesting to see how it fits. my gauge had been all over the place. and i had a feeling that my sleeves may be too long. not to mention the back and front seam may not line up, my front half of the circle looks like an inch longer than the back side seam.

oh well, it's wool, so let's hope some blocking will do the trick.


Those muslin bags are so cute! Did you stamp on "baby" and "mama"?

Someone's been having fun with her stamps again!
I've been wanting to make a sunrise circle myself, but I anticipate that I'd have the same gauge problems you mention... If it was a rectangular-shaped garment, I could do the math, but the fact that you need to get both row and stitch gauge really intimidates me!

Love the little gift bags. What a great way to personalize the wrapping of a handmade gift! I am so going to borrow that idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

The mama/baby packaging is beautiful. I love the concept behind the muslin bags [and I love the bags.]

Adorable. I'm sure the sweater will be just fine - blocking will do wonders.

The little embroidered ear is precious.

Hi, I noticed that you are in a "Southern city" and wondered if you have been to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. It is a really huge fabric store, probably the most square feet of any I have visited. So if you are ever in the Charlotte area, it is worth a visit!

love the gift bags... very thoughtful of you!!

Very pretty packaging. I love the Amy Butler fabric and have a small clutch - I may have to make a gift bag like yours. And your muslin bag - better fabric to work than my burlap. Great ideas. Thanks.

What a beautiful presentation. Your sister will love it, and so will your niece. The elephant is adorable. I love the bag lining, too, you are so thoughtful!

oh i just love the bags and the elephant. so simple and so pretty and classy.

looking forward to seeing your sunrise circle too.

What a gorgeous present for the new baby and mother. So sweet and cute too. I love the color of your Sunrise Circle jacket, very nice.

gorgeous stuff. That elephant is sooo cute.

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