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November 12, 2007

sunrise circle jacket

sunrise circle jacket

pattern: sunrise circle jacket by kate gilbert
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: 35 in
yarn: jo sharp's silkroad aran tweed in wintergrass
knitting specs: us 7 cir.

i thought i'd quickly post my recently finished sunrise circle jacket. i started this project earlier this summer, hoping to have it finished in time for winter. guess the plan worked! i am so happy to finally have another warm sweater to wear. the yarn was super soft and lovely. thank you, di! for swapping this with me. we both made sunrise circle jackets with our swapped yarns. only di finished hers a lot earlier, and i was really inspired to have mine done quickly.

the pattern was wonderful in the end. as i really had my doubts regarding the fit. i enjoyed seaming up the hem. simple whip stitch was all it needed. i had a hard time determining how to close the front. toggles would be an obvious choice. but i'm afraid the jacket may loose its modern feel, which was what i had envisioned it to be. so i picked green/yellowy buttons. with stitched button loops. though it now looks a little like star trek uniforms.

anyway, i love the overlapped front, it really keeps me warm. you can see more here.

thanks for everyone who stopped by and left me a nice, encouraging comment. will be back soon!

edited to add: i have been getting some requests for this particular pattern, last i checked, this pattern is no longer offered through interweave knits. if you want to learn more about the pattern, i would suggest you contacting the designer, or interweave knits.


So cute! I love that green!

That is absolutely beautiful! Great job!

It looks great! I can vouch for it really being a great, warm jacket. I wear mine all the time.

Wonderful jacket! I love the mossy green color, and the buttons!

Beautiful! The shape and color of the buttons are perfect with the tweedy green.

You did an amazing job on that jacket. It's beautiful and fits you perfectly. And you don't look like a character from Star Trek, so stop fretting.

I absolutely love your jacket! The yarn was perfect for this pattern. It looks great on you. Thanks for the inspiration; maybe now I need a Sunrise Circle Jacket!

Love the sweater, looks fantastic.

Just beautiful!

It's fabulous! Lovely color, and beautiful fit. Great with your boots, too. It does NOT look like a Startrek uniform :) it looks perfect.

Just perfect. The colour is stunning and looks like it will fit you nicely too. Enjoy wearing it!

It's absoluely lovely! not star trekky in the least. The buttons are perfect!

that's beautiful. and, ahem, i KNOW star trek and THAT does NOT look star trek at all! unless... you want it to!

Your jacket is beautiful, Blossom. Thank you so much for the lovely and long e-mail. I will write soon, I just want to be able to take my time rather than writing a quick hello - like this!

Wow! It looks great - and perfect yarn choice!

Blossom, it is so lovely. Perfect in the green :)

Wow, I'm so excited to see your new sweater, it's gorgeous! It's so unique, enjoy wearing it!

sigh ... i love it! so much! the colour, the buttons, the fit - everything! great work, blossom.

I have some cheapo tweed yarn earmarked for a Sunrise Circle Jacket, but now I just want to get Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed! *drool*

Great sweater! I love that color! You did a terrific job!

It's beautiful and looks so cute on you!

It looks fantastic Blossom! Does this mean we need to do another yarn swap??!

I love it! The colour is super nice.

Your sweater looks so cute! Green is such a beautiful color.

i absolutly love this sweater! i made mine in cascade sierra and i'm now inspired to make it again with a tweedy yarn, like it was meant to be. gosh yours is lovely. i hope you get a lot of wear out of it! good job!

Beautiful! and it looks great on : )

This is gorgeous!!!!!!!

yeah! Another wonderful SCJ!! I love the green

So so pretty! Mind if I link to it?

It's so lovely! That color is magnificent!


Love it! I hope to knit this someday.

The link for the pattern for this sweater no longer works. Any chance you could post the pattern? I absolutely love it!


Love your website and adore the cardigan you knitted.

I tried the link for the free pattern of this item and the pattern is not available. Could you post or email a copy of the pattern. LOL


Stunning I love it - could I be cheeky and ask you to send me a copy of the pattern.You have inspired me.

Hi....your sweater is fabulous....do you know where I can get the pattern?

Like all the others I'm admiring your jacket and wanting to knit one for mysef too! But with the same problem: no pattern to be found! Is it possible for you to help me with this and send me the pattern?
"In wait for the long cold finnish winter"

I love this sweater! I have been looking feverishly for the pattern but since it won the Knitting Daily Reader's Choice award, I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where it can be purchased?

That's a beautiful job, well done. Lovely!

I too would love the Sunrise Circle pattern. Can anyone help a mad knitter in Canada?