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December 10, 2007

cashmere quilt

cashmere quilt

cashmere quilt

pattern: cashmere quilt, my own
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: 60 x 70
fabric: wool, cashmere, liberty prints

hello readers. thank you for all your comments on my sunrise circle jacket. it was really a lovely jacket, i washed the sweater and it held up really well! still warm and fluffy but now it smells like lavender. which is wonderful. and i'm so glad to have at least inspired some of you to knit this project.

i myself was heavily inspired by alison's beautiful quilts. remember this swap we did and this schematic i drew a while ago? well, i have finally piece them together and finished the quilt couple weeks ago. it was probably the most wonderful thing i have ever made and, needless to say, extremely pleased with the outcome.

i am a firm believer in being able to tell a story for the craft you create. the quilt in particular, tells a story of my friendship with alison, my love for luxurious fibers and whimsical colors. i wanted to make a quilt, a simple one that we would enjoy for a very long time. a quilt that looks beautiful now and many years from now. and a quilt that reminds me of this generous craft community and genuine friendships through emails and blogs.

cashmere quilt

the quilt top, was pieced together with charcoal wool/cashmere from alison, various cotton prints from liberty and others, and a heather grey cashmere print from my favorite store locally. the back piece was made by a piece of bedding i bought years ago from habitat when i was in london. i love this color, sort of grey and blue, it complements the quilt top pretty nicely. i added some patchwork inserts to tie the pieces together. the quilt was finished with a thin cotton batting.

quilt back

mari sent me some lovely linen ribbons from japan some time ago. i love this red weaving and wanted to incorporate this in my quilt. so i made a little tag. as well as a linen label that tributes alison for guiding me through the quilt making process.

linen label

this year is coming to an end very quickly, we have learned that life will take us to connecticut next year. hopefully this would be a good move, and it'll be a place where we can grow roots and prosper. we are scouting out a place to stay this week and i'm hopeful that we can find a warm and lovely home. as well as yarn shops and fabric stores.


So lovely-beyond beautiful!

What a beautiful quilt!

I live in CT, so let me know if you need any tips about it!

the quilt is perfectly you!
the color combinations are soothing and modern at the same time

Beautiful Quilt and beautiful sentiment! And it sounds luxurious with the cashmere content.

Wow, you're already moving again? At least you'll be close to Hege, right? Also wanted to let you know I'm in CT (in West Hartford), so let me know if you have any questions about stores, groups, etc.

It's beautiful Blossom! It's wonderful how a simple object can embody something of special personal meaning and significance. Something to remind you of a time in your life, and things you learnt or discovered, for years to come.

as usual, an AMAZING job! I'm so happy that some of the ribbon I sent you was used in the project. I am so inspired to make my own quilt like yours... just have to figure out how to keep the cats away!

What a beautiful quilt!

I live near Hartford, please email me if you'd like to talk about CT.

This is just stunning. So, so beautiful, and I am incredibly flattered, and honoured, and warm in being a piece of this story. Thankyou. You have made a thing of true beauty.

This quilt is beautiful, and the tribute on the label is a nice one.

I think you will like Connecticut, it's been a fun place to live. I live in south eastern CT (New London/Mystic/Norwich area). I too am happy to answer questions you may have about the area.

Blossom! I love that quilt. It is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. What a tribute to Alison. I have been wanting to piece together a duvet cover with red and white fabrics, but this makes me think that adding gray to that would create a whole new dimension - and make it something that Mox would sleep under.

For selfish reasons, I am excited that you will be in Connecticut, because we have family in Boston, so we are near there at least once a year and often twice. Maybe I will be lucky enough to meet up with you sometime. This time of year it will be icy and barren, but it is a beautiful place - lush green in summer and red/orange in fall. I'm sure you will find a happy home there.

xox, J

What a beautiful quilt, and it will keep you warm and toasty when you move to Connecticut!

what a beautiful quilt--well done! The different greys are absoluely lovely.

That is a beautiful quilt! Great color combos! You did a fantastic job!

Lovely, just lovely.
Hope you find a nice place. New beginnings are so exciting - so much potential and possibilities.

Gorgeous quilt! I'm just waiting for a new home, where I can have a craft room and a sewing machine.... CT will be fabulous! I hear froma few friends that there are some wonderful yarn stores. I love the rolling hills, historic houses and all the wooded areas. Plus, you aren't far from NY and Boston!

Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! Good luck to you in CT!

simply beautiful!

It's soooo beautiful! Did you topstitch it at all?

Enjoy using your new quilt, it's really beautiful! It seems like it wasn't too long ago when you moved from AL to GA, wow, you're moving again! Good luck with the move, I hope you'll love it here in the northeast!

What a lovely quilt! Thank you for sharing it!

I love this quilt - so so beautiful. My friend Polly has one of those habitat blankets too.

Hello! I love your tribute to Alison! I was wondering if you don't mind sharing with me how you quilted all the 3 layers together.

Hi! I too am an admirer of your beautiful quilt and have the same question as sarah lin above...how did you quilt the 3 layers together? Thanks.


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