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December 10, 2007

cashmere quilt

cashmere quilt

cashmere quilt

pattern: cashmere quilt, my own
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: 60 x 70
fabric: wool, cashmere, liberty prints

hello readers. thank you for all your comments on my sunrise circle jacket. it was really a lovely jacket, i washed the sweater and it held up really well! still warm and fluffy but now it smells like lavender. which is wonderful. and i'm so glad to have at least inspired some of you to knit this project.

i myself was heavily inspired by alison's beautiful quilts. remember this swap we did and this schematic i drew a while ago? well, i have finally piece them together and finished the quilt couple weeks ago. it was probably the most wonderful thing i have ever made and, needless to say, extremely pleased with the outcome.

i am a firm believer in being able to tell a story for the craft you create. the quilt in particular, tells a story of my friendship with alison, my love for luxurious fibers and whimsical colors. i wanted to make a quilt, a simple one that we would enjoy for a very long time. a quilt that looks beautiful now and many years from now. and a quilt that reminds me of this generous craft community and genuine friendships through emails and blogs.

cashmere quilt

the quilt top, was pieced together with charcoal wool/cashmere from alison, various cotton prints from liberty and others, and a heather grey cashmere print from my favorite store locally. the back piece was made by a piece of bedding i bought years ago from habitat when i was in london. i love this color, sort of grey and blue, it complements the quilt top pretty nicely. i added some patchwork inserts to tie the pieces together. the quilt was finished with a thin cotton batting.

quilt back

mari sent me some lovely linen ribbons from japan some time ago. i love this red weaving and wanted to incorporate this in my quilt. so i made a little tag. as well as a linen label that tributes alison for guiding me through the quilt making process.

linen label

this year is coming to an end very quickly, we have learned that life will take us to connecticut next year. hopefully this would be a good move, and it'll be a place where we can grow roots and prosper. we are scouting out a place to stay this week and i'm hopeful that we can find a warm and lovely home. as well as yarn shops and fabric stores.