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January 24, 2008

thick cable sweater

rebecca cable sweater

rebecca cable sweater

pattern: cable sweater from rebecca 28
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: smallest
yarn: rowan's chunky print in temper
knitting specs: us 10 & 10.5 cir.

this january has been really cold in atlanta. it snowed. twice. i need to get used to the cold again. as we are moving to new haven in a few weeks! the cats got out during the snow, i don't think they liked it very much.

i finished a thick, woolly cable sweater and wore it last weekend to connecticut while house shopping.

i love how it fits on me. it's probably not the kind of style a lot of people digs but i am so tired of short, cropped, tight fitting sweaters (or tops in general), so i made this one extra long, torso wise. the sleeves are also long and snuggly, i'm happy with the outcome.

the pattern was from rebecca. i sometimes forget how wonderful their patterns are. it's so easy and clear to follow. i have made several projects from rebecca and loved all of them! can't really say the same for other designers!

the yarn was rowan's discontinued chunky print in charcoal. this bag of wool had been sitting in my stash for almost a year, i was going to make roxie. but i'm so glad i ditched that idea. a cabled sweater is so much more practical than a frilly cardigan. i'm not sure how the yarn holds in wash yet, i hope it's not going to be too bad.

i did make a couple minor modifications, one being the sleeves. i read at several places that the sleeves were turned out too wide, so i reduced the increases to one less than indicated and adjusted the rows between each increase to 10 (i don't remember what was in the original pattern). it turned out just fine. the yarn did stretch with blocking and wearing. another change is the turtle neck. i decided not to do that because i don't think it fits with the tunic style body.

knitting sweaters are fun. i love knitting sweaters and cardigans a lot more than socks or accessories! immediately upon completion of my cable sweater, i cast on for the ribbed cardigan by joelle hoverson. husband has been waiting for a bright color cardigan from me since last christmas, can't procrastinate any longer. pictures to come!

house in CT

we found a lovely place in new haven. the house is great but what we love is the field behind the house. it is suburban living to its fullest. plenty of nature reserve. i look forward to running again!

January 04, 2008

wintery obsession (or inspiration)

i have been obsessing about a few material goods as of late. it was the side effect of christmas shopping, compounded by the move to a much colder area. i have been obsessing about a winter coat, a stack full of sweaters in colors of rainbow, a nice pair of leather shoes. some warm merino wool tights in charcoal, brown and ruby reds.

i'm thinking of crafting.

i can definitely knit a stack full of sweaters, using my stashed yarns. and i have been knitting! the current project is a thick cable sweater from past rebecca magazine. i may be able to sew myself a coat, in fact, i'm going to give that a go. i bought a simplicity pattern (4403) last summer for one dollar, and several online reviews gave pretty positive feedbacks. i'm feeling encouraged, and inspired, especially after seeing this coat based on the same pattern by this talented crafter!

but let's talk about shoes for a moment. i received a pair of frye campus for christmas from husband this year (well, i convinced him that i need one for connecticut's winter). i have become obsessed with well made shoes. hence the quest to find a nice pair of black leather pump. i am usually not a brand seeker, but i do appreciate exquisite craftsmanship. after exchanging a few ideas with my sister (who is also a shoe lover), we both love tod's, cole haan, donald j, and ferragamo.

too bad i don't know how to make shoes. i would love to be able to make a pair of rusty looking camper like shoes.

theoretically, i can knit myself a pair of stockings, but these ones look too tempting! aren't they lovely?

so i guess i'm making a coat. it will be a fun challenge for this brand new year. i would also like to knit a pair of mittens, like eunny and kate's designs. they are just perfect for new england winters.

perhaps it's also the time for me to finally make a woolly shawl.