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January 24, 2008

thick cable sweater

rebecca cable sweater

rebecca cable sweater

pattern: cable sweater from rebecca 28
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: smallest
yarn: rowan's chunky print in temper
knitting specs: us 10 & 10.5 cir.

this january has been really cold in atlanta. it snowed. twice. i need to get used to the cold again. as we are moving to new haven in a few weeks! the cats got out during the snow, i don't think they liked it very much.

i finished a thick, woolly cable sweater and wore it last weekend to connecticut while house shopping.

i love how it fits on me. it's probably not the kind of style a lot of people digs but i am so tired of short, cropped, tight fitting sweaters (or tops in general), so i made this one extra long, torso wise. the sleeves are also long and snuggly, i'm happy with the outcome.

the pattern was from rebecca. i sometimes forget how wonderful their patterns are. it's so easy and clear to follow. i have made several projects from rebecca and loved all of them! can't really say the same for other designers!

the yarn was rowan's discontinued chunky print in charcoal. this bag of wool had been sitting in my stash for almost a year, i was going to make roxie. but i'm so glad i ditched that idea. a cabled sweater is so much more practical than a frilly cardigan. i'm not sure how the yarn holds in wash yet, i hope it's not going to be too bad.

i did make a couple minor modifications, one being the sleeves. i read at several places that the sleeves were turned out too wide, so i reduced the increases to one less than indicated and adjusted the rows between each increase to 10 (i don't remember what was in the original pattern). it turned out just fine. the yarn did stretch with blocking and wearing. another change is the turtle neck. i decided not to do that because i don't think it fits with the tunic style body.

knitting sweaters are fun. i love knitting sweaters and cardigans a lot more than socks or accessories! immediately upon completion of my cable sweater, i cast on for the ribbed cardigan by joelle hoverson. husband has been waiting for a bright color cardigan from me since last christmas, can't procrastinate any longer. pictures to come!

house in CT

we found a lovely place in new haven. the house is great but what we love is the field behind the house. it is suburban living to its fullest. plenty of nature reserve. i look forward to running again!


The sweater is beautiful and looks wonderful on you.

Gorgeous sweater, and look at that back yard! So. pretty. Good luck with your move!

beautiful! The long length looks so great. As a long-torsoed person I am so glad that crop tops are finally on their way out!

That's a really interesting cable pattern, and the sweater looks great on you! It fits you really well.

Oh, those cables look so plump! :) I like Rebecca patterns too, even though many struggle with the concise format. Good luck with the move!

The sweater looks so soft and cozy! (And I absolutely love the charcoal color.)

The sweater looks fantasitc! Love how chunky the cables are, and the modifications work really well. I'm also a fan of the longer sweater. Glad to hear you've found a new home- I hope you're settled in soon and that you don't end up moving around any more this year! It's such exhausting work (and it really cuts into your craft time...)

That sweater is great! I'm a sucker for a heavy cabled sweater and in gray no less! Great job! :)

I'm delurking to tell you the sweater is gorgeous and perfect for the weather we are having here in Connecticut. I hope you have great move to my home state! Welcome!

the sweater looks good on you, so beautiful.

Your sweater looks very cozy, I love that.
I am all for longer and warmer these days as it is quite chilly around here... beautiful colour! Oh, and I like Rebecca, too. I have a few issues at home and think they are packed with beautiful patterns. Basics as well as special ones. Honestly, I think there is enough in there forever, still I guess I will maybe get a Rowan magazine some day...
Congratulations on your new home!

It is a beautiful fit, and I like the tunic length. That cable detail is beautiful! enjoy ;)

your cabled pullover is gorgeous! who couldn't love all the warm and lovely cables...

Both the sweater and the nature of New Haven look great. You'll have lots of opportunities to wear snuggly sweaters, and that should be nice!

Beautiful Sweater! Where could I learn how to knit like that.

The plump, wooly cables caught my eye immediately; what comforting and beautiful sweater for a cold winter!

Great sweater. I am a sweater person too and as I am rather tall, I always add length. My arms are slender so I always ignore the increase instructions for the sleeves and just add a lot of stitches in the last few centimetres before the armholes to get a good fit.
Re: washing. I use a large tub with a plug in the bottom to wash my (mostly mohair) sweaters. Just let them soak for half an hour and then pull the plug. Rinse them without agitating them too much, fold them in a small pillowcase and then give them a short spin in the washing machine.
If the sweater might become too long, just use a pair of scissors, cut off a bit and reknit the band.
Happy knitting,

Willy Vorsteveld, the Netherlands

Congratulations on finding a great place! That's a perfect sweater you just made, you're so talented. I think it's cool that you used stash yarn originally intended for another project and turned the yarn into something you know will be practical.

Your sweater and yarn choice is beautiful !!! I've added you to my blogroll.

that looks like the warmest and coziest of sweaters. and congrats on the new place -- i lived in new haven for four years and really enjoyed it.

That sweater looks amazing on you. Great job!

I love your sweater! Great job! You will get a lot of good use out of that, I am sure! Your new place looks beautiful. Good luck with everything, and see you soon!

It's stunning! I love the cables, and I love the colour. Looks like such a wearble knit. Congrats on a stunning FO!

Hey, I love running on that trail! (I've been reading your blog for a bit, and moved to New Haven this time last year.) Once you get settled, come to the New Haven SnB. There's info on yahoo groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SnB_NewHaven/), and meetup.

What a beautiful sweater! I think the adjustments you made are perfect! Also, great photo!

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