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January 04, 2008

wintery obsession (or inspiration)

i have been obsessing about a few material goods as of late. it was the side effect of christmas shopping, compounded by the move to a much colder area. i have been obsessing about a winter coat, a stack full of sweaters in colors of rainbow, a nice pair of leather shoes. some warm merino wool tights in charcoal, brown and ruby reds.

i'm thinking of crafting.

i can definitely knit a stack full of sweaters, using my stashed yarns. and i have been knitting! the current project is a thick cable sweater from past rebecca magazine. i may be able to sew myself a coat, in fact, i'm going to give that a go. i bought a simplicity pattern (4403) last summer for one dollar, and several online reviews gave pretty positive feedbacks. i'm feeling encouraged, and inspired, especially after seeing this coat based on the same pattern by this talented crafter!

but let's talk about shoes for a moment. i received a pair of frye campus for christmas from husband this year (well, i convinced him that i need one for connecticut's winter). i have become obsessed with well made shoes. hence the quest to find a nice pair of black leather pump. i am usually not a brand seeker, but i do appreciate exquisite craftsmanship. after exchanging a few ideas with my sister (who is also a shoe lover), we both love tod's, cole haan, donald j, and ferragamo.

too bad i don't know how to make shoes. i would love to be able to make a pair of rusty looking camper like shoes.

theoretically, i can knit myself a pair of stockings, but these ones look too tempting! aren't they lovely?

so i guess i'm making a coat. it will be a fun challenge for this brand new year. i would also like to knit a pair of mittens, like eunny and kate's designs. they are just perfect for new england winters.

perhaps it's also the time for me to finally make a woolly shawl.


Ooooh, I wish I could make shoes too! Camper are some of my favorites! Too bad they don't' fit my feet correctly. Either way, I'll enjoy your coat adventures. I'm currently making my first as well!

Oooh, a coat! How exciting. I am a big fan of Cole Haan shoes and I've decided I am only going to buy good shoes that actually fit me. I tend to buy shoes that are cute and then I don't wear them because they don't fit. So, even if I have to save my pennies, I'm only buying the good stuff from now on. Thanks for the reminder of the beautiful mittens Eunny did. I might need to make myself a new pair.

This past fall I bought a pair of frye boots. (Tall Sunny Cuff). I loved them so much that I bought a pair of their shoes (Anna Harness). I'm now scheming ways that I can justify buying more fyre shoes. They are *so* great.

Thanks for the cool blog link (where the coat came from)!

It's so exciting just reading about your inspirations. You'll definitely make use of your new boots. I hope you'll get to knit your list of winter accessories, especially those mittens!

Ooh, all exciting ideas! Hope you guys had a painless move to CT - just in time for this bone-chilling cold, unfortunately!

Ooo! Big ambitions! I'm doing a big project this January too. It's feels better to jump into action with a project than to just talk about resolutions, no?

I know exactly what you mean! We have been saving for so long, that when I let myself spend at Christmas, I wanted to go a little crazy! It is nice to have a stash to turn to in times like these. I love the coat that you linked to. It looks just your style and I think you have the skill to pull it off, even if it is a challenge. Cool weather has inspired me, too. It's nothing like New England weather here, but it's been cold for LA this winter and the last few days we have had torrential rains. It's a wonderful change and it inspires me to hole up and knit, knit, knit! I'm not sure if I said this before, but for selfish reasons I am very happy that you are in Connecticut. It's close enough to my in-laws' in Boston that there is a possibility we could visit, and I would love that.

xox, J

That coat is great! If you make it, please, please post the pictures! That's way beyond my sewing abilities!!!! :)

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