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February 22, 2008

hello from connecticut


it snowed today, for the first time since we arrived last week. it's strange waking up to a totally different scene. it's also very cold. but i think we knew that before coming here.

i also shoveled snow for the first time in my life. i did not expect the snow to be so heavy, especially after pushing the shovel for a few feet. what a workout! cats are obviously not a fan of snow just yet. only one cat was brave enough to check out the snow up close, the other two were hiding.

but we love it here so far. i feel like a stranger in the city, looking around with a fresh pair of eyes. it's all very exciting. we can't wait to go snowboard/skiing.

craft room mess

my craft room is slowly being set up, it's a mess at the moment. i did manage to put a floor mirror in my craft room, this would ultimately make fitting and looking at myself a lot easier. and i don't care for the purple carpet, either. but i can live with it for a while, i guess.

just before we moved here, i bought some yarn for the first time since early 2007. i want to make a shawl/scarf, more precisely, a clapotis. in this beautiful yellow malabrigo! this color has been showcased here and here, i think it will look great with blue (you should all know about my color fascination by now, no?)

yellow merino

anyway, i'm also looking forward to some sewing. now that i am between jobs, which seems like a great opportunity to make a big project or some sort. another quilt, that winter coat i've been talking about and possibly some clothes for my cute nieces.

and more regular blog posting, for sure.


Until recently I was certain that cats absolutely hated snow! But then I changed my mind. I have a little kitty friend in the neighborhood - he's always hanging out by a particular group of houses, and he's very friendly. We got more than a foot of snow in December, and at first I only saw his paw prints, embedded deep in the snow banks. And then I saw him, too, promenading around in the field of white. He seemed cautious, but quite happy :).

you are very "lucky" to catch some snow! I've been in NY for almost 10 yrs now, and it has snowed just a handful of times. And seemingly always in February...
A craft room?!! Wow.

I hope you settle quickly and have lots of happy times in your new home (p.s. that malabrigo is a gorgeous colour!!)

Welcome to CT! Your clapotis is going to be amazing in the yellow malabrigo!

Welcome to Connecticut! Isn't it a great snow today?

I've got some kelly green malabrigo for a clapotis. I think it will be the cuddliest thing I've ever made!

Welcome to your new home...and looking forward to your new Spring projects! If you are going to be sewing from Japanese pattern books, let me know...I'm dipping my toe in the water w/sewing from illustrations only. I think I'm going to need a support group though!

Glad you got moved safely! Wow, you have a craft room. I need/want/desire/lust for one! Take care. :)

Welcome to your new home. When we first moved from CA to Virginia, our dog was intoxicated by snow. She went crazy when I let her out into her first snowfall. I love the malabrigo. The clapotis in that color will be a ray of sunshine on those cold days! Looking forward to more posts from your blog.

Welcome to New England! It's a winter wonderland here in Boston too. Amazing, isn't it? You'll get used to it. I'm still trying to come up with various storage ideas for my dining area/craft space. Please continue to blog about your progress. Maybe I'll get some inspiration or motivation.

Welcome to your new home!
Purple carpet and mustard Malabrigo - Now that's a colour combo for a post!

The photograph of that mahogany cat with the little speck of snow on his head is just too nice. Makes me long for those long winter days from home....

Glad the move was smooth, you are doing REALLY well to have your craft room in that condition already. My craft rooms always became the haven for "tomorrow" boxes each time we have moved, would take me a while. I love your blog, it is one of my favorite to stalk, your writing, photography, and creativity is inspiring. Thank you for sharing! :)

Thank you so much for posting on my blog! I have to say, I love your too.... Your knitting and sewing are beautiful!

welcome to Connecticut! Stop by New Haven SnB sometime and meet the locals , I can't remember the URL but its linked from my blog in the sidebar. (don't worry , the snow will be gone soon, then New Haven will look unbearably ugly for a month and then, you will love the colors, spring in new england is fab-u-lous)

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