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February 22, 2008

hello from connecticut


it snowed today, for the first time since we arrived last week. it's strange waking up to a totally different scene. it's also very cold. but i think we knew that before coming here.

i also shoveled snow for the first time in my life. i did not expect the snow to be so heavy, especially after pushing the shovel for a few feet. what a workout! cats are obviously not a fan of snow just yet. only one cat was brave enough to check out the snow up close, the other two were hiding.

but we love it here so far. i feel like a stranger in the city, looking around with a fresh pair of eyes. it's all very exciting. we can't wait to go snowboard/skiing.

craft room mess

my craft room is slowly being set up, it's a mess at the moment. i did manage to put a floor mirror in my craft room, this would ultimately make fitting and looking at myself a lot easier. and i don't care for the purple carpet, either. but i can live with it for a while, i guess.

just before we moved here, i bought some yarn for the first time since early 2007. i want to make a shawl/scarf, more precisely, a clapotis. in this beautiful yellow malabrigo! this color has been showcased here and here, i think it will look great with blue (you should all know about my color fascination by now, no?)

yellow merino

anyway, i'm also looking forward to some sewing. now that i am between jobs, which seems like a great opportunity to make a big project or some sort. another quilt, that winter coat i've been talking about and possibly some clothes for my cute nieces.

and more regular blog posting, for sure.

February 04, 2008

what makes blue beautiful?

i have been thinking a lot about colors lately, and a lot about why i would find certain colors attractive, and why i am drawn to certain hues almost invariably given the opportunity. i have no aversion to any color families, i love them all, but most of the time, i end up with a stash full of blues, grays, creams and reds. it's really interesting, when you think about it.

however it gives me no aesthetic satisfaction or any sense of style, when i wear just blues, grays or reds. and i have such admiration for those high fashion girls who can always throw multitudes of colors together and accentuates the focal attention to that touch of bright blue, that spark of yellow... that unexpected violet.

so i started to think about complementing colors. what makes blue beautiful? is it yellow? or white? how about red? and how can i make gray not boring? do you think about those things when you pick up your favorite color to wear in the morning? or is it just me overly obsessing?

palma bag by drikaB

drikaB pouch

lately i'm very into bright colors, those suffocating, scream in your face type of bright colors. i'm drawn to yellow very much. and the boldness of yellow and purple and black and whites is just so amazing. and full of confidence, too. i'm also drawn to some greens. i'm never a huge fan of greens, but i ended up getting some of the most amazing handmade green bags from drikab. it's like spring, so effortlessly refreshing. drika is an amazing artist, the way she pairs up colors is ever so intriguing. and these whimsical bags are so beautifully made.

green & blue

and i found myself picking up these stack of blue/green cottons from kaffe fassett's collection. i'm not sure what the gingham is going to be, but they look so vintage. i'm thinking a pair of lounge pants with the green stripes, and a pin tuck shirt with the blue shot cotton. and one day, i'll make something yellowy to go with the blue.

green stripes, blue cotton, soft gingham

i also made an attempt to wear color tights, with my newly acquired bally flats. teal is beautiful by itself. but i think it looks even more teal with black. it draws you in. makes you love teal even more.

teal tights