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March 13, 2008

paper thin tunic

cotton tunic

pattern: paper tunic (inspired by butterick B4684)
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: small
fabric: 2 yd of cream egyptian cotton
notions: linen/cotton biased tape, bits of fusible interfacing

this piece of cotton was with extreme fine weave. when i saw it in the fabric store, it really did not stand out from the rest of the pile. but the touch, the softness only cotton can give, was obvious. like liberty's cotton. i also love the cream color. white is lovely, but too stark. if i want this tunic to be part of my summer, i can do without the starkness.

i was really hoping to have this tunic done by last summer so i could wear it on our cruise vacation. that never happened. but it worked out in the end, as now i had a lot more time to sew carefully, french seamed all parts. and enjoy the loveliness of cotton.

what i love about sewing - oh there so many things i love about this craft - is really how much you are willing to step outside the norm. i'm absolutely sure that this fabric was really meant to be used as bed sheets. but i love it as my tunic. i was at mood fabric couple days ago (more on that later), looking for corduroy, which was with the upholstery. the lovely cords i found were probably meant for seat cushions... but they will become my winter skirts. i love that the fabric has no limitation in my sewing world.

not very good with self portrait. to show how lovely this tunic is for a breezy summer day.


Simple and beautiful!

Seeing your work may even tempt me to try sewing clothes! I've only ever sewn bags and quilts before. This looks like something I could tackle.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful work! French seams and fine crisp cotton go together so well.

looks so light and cool...very nice.

That is absolutely beautiful...so simple and very soft and airy. I love minimal patterns like that...you really brought out the fabric by keeping the piece simple.

Your tunic is beautiful in it's simplicity! I love it! Wear it with pride! :)

What a wonderful project! It's perfect for a tropical vacation - when you've had too much sun and want to protect yourself from the elements, but not get hot at the same time!

I like the simple and pure look of your tunic.

I've only sewn a few garments (and poorly at that) but you keep making me want to learn. Beautiful shirt!

Oh, this screams Spring/Summer to me... *sigh*
It's lovely!

It's everything I love in a garment - classic, clean lines, well crafted and simple details.
I agree with you - fabric is SO fun because of the endless possibilities it holds.

oh this is going to be just *perfect* for summer. lovely and simple and cool.

it's really pretty♥♥
congratulations for your cute blog!
geeetings from argentina =)

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