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March 25, 2008

sew :: weave

wool skirt :: lining

pattern: amy butler's barcelona skirt
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: small - medium
fabric: 1.2 yd of wool and cotton
notions: invisible zipper

a while ago i asked brooke if she would be interested in swapping some of her amazing weave works for some handmade items from me, she agreed to my proposal. naturally i was delighted, for i have been following her journey as a weaver. while not able to indulge into this craft myself, owning a piece of a fellow crafter's weaving art seems like a much better end of the bargain.

that being said, sew something for another person was challenging, fitting in particular. i like brooke's almost monochromatic photos and details in her work very much, and i wanted to make something that would fit in. so a piece of textured charcoal i have in my stash was chosen to be made into a skirt. i also wanted to incorporate my take on her style, so i added the bright cotton print as lining. it adds the moment of unexpected joy. which really is my belief in style and fashion in general - moments of unexpectedness, hiding out of sight, only reveals to those who also appreciate such wonders. she did like this little pouch with a pink patch i made before, so i don't think she mind the splashed yellow underneath the charcoal.

and the weather was getting warmer as the swap was progressing. spring is really the time for cotton and washed denim. i was really inspired by the textural work of brooke's weaving. so i thought of waves... waves of fabrics folded, creating interesting shades. lines were created to stabilize the creases, sometimes they would be out of alignment, but that's the point of waves, a little bit unpredicted. handles were hand stitched.

waves in bag

pattern: wave bag (my own)
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: medium
fabric: 1yd of denim
notions: cotton for lining, a pair of handles

more pictures can be found here and here. the beautifully woven tree top shawl from brooke arrived at my doorstep this week. it is as light and airy as the photograph and has now become the most amazing shawl in my closet. thank you so much, brooke!


Those items are so beautiful! I especially like the bag and its folds. I've never seen a purse like that before!

The wave bag is beautiful! I'm going to have to try that sometime.

I love the waves too! It's such a simple idea that adds so much texture. Wow!
And the skirt is lovely. I'm sure Brooke will love it.

Beautiful bag. I love the pleats and what I think are leather handles...always wondered how my sewing machine would do in sewing leather handles on....

That wave bag is so chic looking! J'adore.

what a great idea for a swap! i love that bag and would love to have that skirt - brooke is one lucky lady!

I love the pleats waving across the bag like that! Totally made me do a little "start" when I saw it--made me want to move closer, or something!

beautiful. the waves are a great touch. simple and elegant!

beautiful skirt, beautiful bag!

i love the wave bag and the skirt fits perfectly! thank you so much blossom!

Beautiful bag, when I saw it, it reminded me how much I like textured objects and fabric. I might attept something similar one day!

I love the directional flow of those tucks. Very lovely.

that bag is fabulous!

such beauty! i adore the bag. the pleated wave idea is really special.

beautiful bag.

I am SO impressed with your bag. It's gorgeous and so unique!

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great wave bag!

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