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May 12, 2008



it has been almost three months since we arrived in connecticut. it is now spring. we see flowers and leaves everywhere. everyone is out on the street, hanging out. cotton prints, floral skirts. it’s wonderful and we are loving every bits of life in new england.

i had also take on a new position. and i’m thrilled to be where i am right now. this is probably the best place i can be in terms of having a career, and i’m really loving it. as such, i have shifted my focus away from craft. my knitting and sewing are no longer governing my life. i suppose it has its pros and cons, but surprisingly, i’m very much at peace with the transition.

this change of routine had led me to really think about what i want out of my craft. i think i want them always be something i would enjoy doing, and this portal would be the place where i would share them. i don’t really want to deviate from that, at least for now. and that probably includes not feeling somewhat guilty of letting this blog run dry.

it has been incredibly rewarding and humbling, being part of this online craft community. i have made several really good friends here and had the pleasure to meet a few in real life. hopefully, this interaction would only continue to grow and enrich my life as a crafter.

knitting was sporadic for the past couple months, to say the least, but my clapotis was progressing quite nicely. sewing wise, i was trying to hem a pair of jeans on my now two year old sewing machine, which did not go over very well. i’m starting to accept the limitation on my machine; it is after all, a beginner’s machine, not really designed for heavy duty fabrics.

this summer is going to be busy. my brother and his family will be in boston for work. they will stay for a few months. it’s going to be fun, spending time with family and exploring the loveliness of new england summer. we have a lot to look forward to.