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July 11, 2008

summer thus far...

the weather is beautiful outside this friday afternoon, a little humid perhaps, but i love the smell of summer air. it smells like vacation.

it’s probably not very nice to admit, but life without blogging or crafting had been fun for the past couple months. work has been busy but i just love how fulfilling days have been for me. we have been doing lots of little excursions around new england area- visiting families in boston, an afternoon in newport, fresh lobsters in gloucester. fireworks and broadway shows in new york. we are not even half way through summer yet.

summer is also about reading. reading steph*nie’s twil*ght series to be precise. i can’t tell you how much i’ve enjoyed reading these books. it’s such a compelling story. i am now one of the followers of her imaginary world. i am sure there are a lot of people out there, waiting for the final book to come out in a few weeks.

oven mitts

oven mitts

pattern: oven mitts by denyse schmidt
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: n/a
fabric: bits and pieces of leftover fabrics of all kinds
notions: bindings

i also did a little bit of crafting, a pair of oven mitts for a coworker who bakes the most incredible cakes. this project also gave me an excuse to work on denyse schmidt’s pattern and to use up some of my fabrics. again, i enjoyed the process of piecing together fabric pieces more so than the actual sewing part.

next time i’d probably use a heavier batting. other than that, i’m quite happy with the end result.

tomorrow, we are catching a train to spend a weekend in philadelphia. i’ve never been there, not sure what to expect, except having a big philly cheesesteak.


Those oven mitts are gorgeous - by far the nicest made from that pattern that I've seen. I love the pretty lining and binding in particular.

I've made these oven mitts a couple times, but they never were this stylish. well done!

Check out Sabrina's Cafe for brunch then stop by the Italian Market for handmade fresh pasta and sauces, fresh mozzarella, spices, tea, mmm! Have fun!

Your coworker will be very happy, what a beautiful and thoughtful gift. So did you finally see Wicked? You've been wanting to see it for a while. Have fun in Philly!

i love your oven mitts. they are super cute. i, too, cannot wait for the fourth book to come out in august. seems so long to wait. have fun in philly!

These look stunning! The fabric combo that you used is gorgeous!

love those oven mitts, they look great and ready to do hard labor in someone's kitchen.

I'm so glad to see you pop up in my bloglines - feels like its been a while since either of us has had a chance to blog regularly. The mitts are lovely and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying New England - crafting or otherwise.
xox, J

I love the twill tape's embroidered detailing!

Adorable! I wish I could sew.

Great mitts - love the choice of fabrics and colorways. Good to see you're posting from time to time.

The are beautiful, I'd never be able to bring myself to use something that pretty - all of my oven mitts end up burnt and badly stained really quickly. x

cute oven gloves! what did you use for padding?

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