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September 15, 2008

yellow clapotis

yellow clapotis

yellow clapotis

yellow clapotis

pattern: clapotis by kate gilbert
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: n/a
yarn: malabrigo merino worsted in frank ochre
knitting specs: us 10 dpn

it feels like i have been talking about wanting a yellow scarf for a long time, since this spring, actually. clapotis in malabrigo seems like the perfect choice, if i were to have a warm, curly, handknit scarf to wear this winter.

clapotis is enormously popular, and it’s really not difficult to see why. i had a great time knitting this, and you probably can’t even tell that i adhered to the pattern somewhat loosely. in the end, i think the decrease/increase were all really out of alignment. but you really can’t tell, which is another reason to love knitting, so forgiving.

and i have been knitting quite a bit, next i’m going to finish zipped raglan cardigan for husband, then… i’ll be knitting a cardigan with more malabrigo, in frosted gray. i’m thinking central park hoodie. it’s just so perfect for a fall weather.

leaves are turning yellow - my new favorite color this year.


When I saw the first photo I thought, mmmmalabrigo! Such a pretty color. I'd love a cardigan out of it, have you picked a pattern yet?

Ooh, gorgeous! I absolutely love that yellow, even though it looks hideous on me. I just have to enjoy it vicariously :)

Yum yum yummy. That just looks so scrumptious. I want a malabrigo clapotis!! Guess I will have to live vicariously through your wonderful creation. Great job!

That's a fabulous colour. I wanted to make a scarf that colour this winter (just finished for us here in the southern hemisphere) but I didn't get to it. But there's always next year :)

I love my clapotis, it's so cozy.

I love the color you used! I keep thinking about that pattern and now it think it has to happen.

I love that shade of yellow! The hints of green, the acidity, makes it special. What a great idea to use Malabrigo for a Clapotis :)

Oh, it's so lovely! I really like your color choice. My Clapotis, sadly, is falling apart. It's given me three good winters and I just can't bear to part with it.

gorgeous. you've given me a new appreciation for yellow!

Thats a beautiful Clapotis. Yellow is a suprising colour, until its knit into something its not really appreciated. I made a yellow Swallowtail shawl once.

That's a great color! You'll fly through the central park hoodie if you choose to knit that!

lovely work...

great color you used. i really like the solid color variations of clapotis.

it's been forever since i knit anything. getting the knitting fever again now though. something about fall just calls for it.

It's gorgeous, Blossom. I love Malabrigo, and that yellow is stunning.

I love it. And now have knitting envy. I want one! Sigh. Must go back to looking at my own knitting and stop coveting other people's gorgeous knits :)

LOVE this!! I was just thinking of making this myself and I"m wondering how many skeins you used for yours?

gorgeous, and I bet it feels like buttah! wonderful choice..

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