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November 03, 2008


piles of liberty
new fabric stash

i recently bought some fabric with plans to make some floral tops and a winter quilt. i love the cashmere quilt i made last winter as it is probably one of the favorite things i have ever made. working with liberty prints was like a dream! though the quilt was thin, it was extremely warm. and i think the cats enjoy the quilt more than i had.

what made me want a new quilt was because a few weeks ago, after we had returned from our trip to portsmouth, i found my quilt had been peed on by one of the cats (i think i knew which one... well). as a result, i had to wash the quilt for the first time, with bleaching, too. it was a pretty sad scene for me. fortunately, with a couple laundering, i was able to clean the quilt completely, but the cleaning process had somewhat destroyed the batting (or shrunk the cashmere). either way, it needs repairing.

in hindsight, i probably should have stabilized the quilt by sewing lines across, which i did not do. just like i did not expect the quilt had to go through such rigorous cycle of cleaning to begin with.

one of these days, i may be able to find a saturday afternoon for such task. but right now, i'm thinking about my new quilt, planning the layout in my head. i think it will be full of liberty prints, and lots of purple.