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February 11, 2009

12 hours in tokyo


on my way back to the states, i had about 12 hour layover in tokyo. immediately i knew what i wanted to do: shopping for fabrics! it has been a very long time since i was in japan last, but joujouka had agreed to chauffeur me around town. we had a few email exchanges before my departure, checking train schedules and even the shopping itineraries are drawn up. i was so hyped about my adventure in tokyo!

joujouka met me at the shinjuku station early sunday morning, immediately we took another train to ebisu for a visit to check and stripe. we took a short walk to the store front only to discover the shop was now closed. oh well. at least i have this picture showing what a lovely little shop it was!

we also stopped by Nimes Cloth House. joujouka told me this was also a zakka store. they carried some stripe knits, as well as cotton fabrics. and all the lovely things you would expect to see from a japanese zakka store: pottery, tiny spoons, linen handkerchiefs, bundles of linen fabrics, vintage children’s books... etc etc.

i ended up not getting anything from there, but it was a nice zakka moment in japan.

next, we took another trip to kichijoji, where we visited cottonfield, probably my favorite fabric store to date. it was unbelievably sweet, with rows and rows of japanese fabrics, trims, notions. two storey full of wonders, which we only had probably 45 minutes to spend. i would have gotten (a lot) more from this store if they accepted credit cards! i ended up getting some beautiful wool gauze and a traditional checkered print which you see a lot in japanese craft books. apparently this print was popular in japan, there was a bin with bolts of this pattern in various weight, fiber content and texture. it was difficult to have to choose just one.


finally, we visited yuzawaya. the best craft store ever. period. i literally can spend a whole week there! i love their liberty fabric selection (though i did not get any), craft books, notions and ribbons... and nani iro!

ribbons :: linen and cotton
nani IRO

needless to say, it was probably the best craft hours for my trip. by the time i was getting used to the idea of shopping in tokyo, i was already on the train back to the airport.

we did not go by avril, but joujouka gave me a couple of their yarns. beautiful as always. and i also received a stack of traditional japanese fabrics from my brother, when he was in kyoto sometime last year.

japanese fabrics

fabrics, are definitely souvenirs for my travel.


ahhh... tokyo... I'm glad you got to explore, even just a little bit. isn't yuzawaya great? it was my grandmother's favorite craft store. i think it's been around forever! glad to see your purchases - they are beautiful!

Beautiful fabrics, look forward to your creations out of them!!

so cool. the fabrics look great and it sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Oh, wow!! Your fabrics look gorgeous, and it sounds like you had a blast :)

I am so unbelievably jealous.

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