about the author

DSCN4842.JPG this is my journal you are reading; a journal mostly about my knitting and sewing, little about my life.


i live in new haven, connecticut with my husband and three wild cats we found in the woods when we were living in alabama. i studied molecular biology in school and i am currently working in the field of drug discovery, for the first time in a long time, i really love what i'm doing professionally.

i believe in living a healthy life and i love to cook. i am a true epicurean. japanese food is my favorite, i can eat sushi every day for the rest of my life.

i am intrigued by the existence of religions; as such, i am interested in reading about them. however, i am not religious nor could be persuaded to be. philosophy, another interesting topic for post-dinner settings, is probably a milder subject to bring up.


in case you are wondering, i am just like any normal person living next to you, working 9-5, having cats as pets.

but, i do love to knit (and sew).

in a perfect world, i would have a beautiful craft room in my house, full of luscious fiber and fabric, i would sew my own clothes, spin my own yarn and weave my own fabrics. i would also have a brown alpaca in my farm. my cats would love the alpaca and i would knit socks and sweaters for me and my husband.



email: blossom at whisperingpine dot org