about whispering pine


whispering pine is my craft room. a room where i store my yarn, my needles and my knitting books.

we have a spare room in the house. a few summers ago, we decided to fix this room to make it functional. we cleaned up the mess, stored away books, shelves, abandon speakers and old clothes. we primed the walls and painted the room green. a shade of green that tucked in between white sage and olive sprig. the shade is called whispering pine.

now, i spend most of my time in this room knitting, drafting my occassional designs and keeping an eye on my cats who sometimes sneak in to steal yarns. i have music in the room; music of george winston or yo yo ma. the room has a window, in some evenings, you can spot deers in the woods.

i wanted to share my passion of knitting with others alike, so i created a blog in the winter of 2005. a blog i called whispering pine.


site design


diana - patchework tree (& site designer) Patchwork_tree.jpg

for blossom's new home in blogland, I wanted something delicate and playful, both qualities I admire in her writing.

The pine tree was perhaps the trickiest part. It needed to be lively, and not Christmas-y. I illustrated a number of trees, and kept thinking: "would this work in summer?" before arriving at this jaunty patchwork tree.

the overall blog style is kept minimal and quiet; to me it really seems to whisper.


brooke - whimsical dotted tree



“A pine that is whimsical and soft and continues the theme of the site. A bit of backtack inspiration to compliment the current patchwork tree. I think the tree evokes movement/life - the top branches sway in the wind, a single pine cone falls and rolls.”