February 25, 2007


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hege gave me this gorgeous looking norwegian hat during my two day trip to boston last week. lovely shades of grey with yellow, and warm tones of accents. it was made with a dale of norway pattern, more details can be found on hege's post.

we had a lovely time catching up in boston, visited yarn shops, ate lobsters (just me), dinner at north end. i forgot how cold new england winter gets, however, my norwegian hat had kept me warm, all the way back to the sunny south.

thank you, hege!

December 10, 2006

nothing comes between

me and my malabrigo.

a skein of pure purle heaven.

edible, almost.

they make wonderful accessories, so soft against the skin. like cotton puff, light and sweet.

knit project: seedstitch hat (based on kitty hat) & wrist warmers (i made it up)
difficulty (1-5): 1.2
size: one size
yarn: malabrigo's merino wool in hollyhock (one skein)
knitting specs: US 6 circ.

November 20, 2006

striped scarf

he puts on a pair of jeans, a suede jacket and the scarf i made for him. he models for my blog.

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November 13, 2006

color wheel

red, orange and peach carnations from last weekend's dinner party

beautifully dyed sock yarns from a pattern swap (thank you, sundara!)

striped scarf for husband


i really have not been inspired to write much lately. there has been so much going on, i feel perpetually tired after work, my mind has been planning the thanksgiving menu, the house is a mess... and cats want attention! and my knitting projects are growing like mad.

just some pictures for now.

November 27, 2005

graffiti costagna...

my love for scarves continue..., this one is called scarf costagna!

knit project: mistake rib scarf
difficulty (1-5): 1.0
size: long (15 stitches, 2 full skeins)
yarn: colinette's graffiti in costagna
knitting specs: US 11

... is the name of this yarn, how cool is that?

francoise swapped these for some american goods with me a while back, i knew then they will become a cozy scarf for my neck. and of course, november is all about accessories at whispering pine.

the official description of this color is too perfect so i'm just going to recite them here:

"costagna, hot punch and the perfume of pine smoke. wrap up in the cosy comfort and warmth of these toasted chestnut colours."

this scarf is all about the yarn. so, i used mistake rib pattern to give it just enough ribbing and roughness as i want it to be bohemic. to complete the look, i added those long, long fringes.

November 21, 2005


ruffles from scarf style

knit project: scarf style - ruffles
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: 86 inches long
yarn: ac moore's fantasy yarn, 100% alpaca in cream, 3 balls
knitting specs: US 6 dpn

i do not own a lot of accessories in my wardrobe, but every now and then, i do love wearing some interesting pieces that would complement my outfit. ruffles play such an essential role in this season's vintage theme, and luckily, after more than six months, i have completed this scarf just in time.

cream, my favorite color, is both classic and versatile. the muted palette really gives an unspeakable warmness when worn with rich gold tones. 100% alpaca yarn is used for my ruffles and i just love the softness of this fiber. though blocking is probably not necessary but i steamed it lightly to smooth out the short rows and to open up the curling edges a little.

this was not the most interesting project, turning the scarf back and forth was time consuming and slow in progress. however, this was a perfect mindless project and quite forgiving when an error was made. i probably have done a couple short row turns incorrectly but as you can see, the scarf turned out just perfectly.

love the scarf. and i may start to accessorize more. ruby red earings, crystal drop pendants, here i come!

wrap it once, wrap it twice, it is nothing but full of ruffles!

October 02, 2005

from wyoming to london...

backyard leaves from scarf style
looks like the SYNO knitalong is coming to an end for me as i have received a beautifully made scarf by stephanie this past friday.

backyard leaves scarf is a lovely pattern, cascades of leaf motifs run along the whole scarf. i especially love the edges which resemble the shape of a leaf. the scarf is knitted in two halves and then seamed together afterwards. stephanie did a wonderful job, as you can see, the stitches are all even and nice. thank you, stephanie... i will be thinking of you whenever i have this scarf around my neck!!

turtleneck shrug

knit project: scarf style - turtleneck shrug
difficulty (1-5): 2.0
size: one size
yarn: rowan's kid classic in bear (817)
knitting specs: US 7 dpn

and, i have finished anna's turtleneck shrug this weekend! i think anna would appreciate having this shrug/scarf to wear for the upcoming winter in london.

the shrug is incredibly warm, and the kid classic is a wonderful yarn choice for this project. actually, i was going to try on the shrug and take a picture of me modeling it, but i decided not to in the end as i would not want to skew anna's thought on her shrug. anna is tall, slender with long neck and long arms, she would be able to carry this high fashion item off with much more grace and elegance. me? i was afraid i may look too much like a neckless turtle. so, let's stay tuned for anna's glamour model shots in a couple weeks when this little package travels across the atlantic to its beautiful wearer's hands.

i have also included something to remind this lovely london lady that the scarf is made in the states (southern US to be exact). hopefully she will love that as well. could it be grits, you ask? well, we shall see!

UPDATE: oops... i forgot to thank kris and jac for such great knitalong, sorry; and yes, i can be so ungrateful sometimes that it bothers me. anyway, THANK YOU, ladies. i had fun!!

August 26, 2005

green & black, camel and sparkle!

classic kid camel and kidsilk night

i finally got my SYNO from the very lovely and talented amelia raitte (aka anna) from london! i was so happy to receive them. ok, actually, there were also some green & black chocolate in the package but i'm eating them right now, so no pictures! first time with organic chocolate.. yum!

i will be making the turtleneck shrug for anna and they will be in the caramel color classic kid. i've always wanted to work with this yarn, so can't wait to start!!

you know the best part is... the sparkly kidsilk night from rowan. for me! and a lovely pin. i can see these turn into a lacy shawl for a romantic evening with my husband, or a glamorous cocktail night with girls! how exciting!

thanks anna! i hope you'll like my knitting and the shrug i'm about to stitch out for you!

March 21, 2005

something for my husband

i made this scarf from "the last minuted knitted gift" for my husband. i did not use the cashmere yarn as it had suggested, paton's merino wool was used instead. it turned out quite nicely. i hope he likes it!

olive color scarf for my husband who loves earthy tones

knit project: last minute's knitted gifts - boyfriend (husband) scarf
difficulty (1-5): 1
size: one size
yarn: paton's classic merino in olive
knitting specs: US 10