baby cable cardi

April 10, 2005

baby cardigan for my dear friend elisa

dear elisa,

i hope you are reading this from the other side of the ocean... and yes! i have finally finished the baby cardigan i had promised and before i'm sending it to you, i must show it off here at whispering pine.

i hope it will keep your new son looking dashing in this coming winter, and please know that our love and best wishes are stithed and woven in this cardigan. i hope to one day meet this boy of yours.

seed and cable stitch cardigan. 100% peruvian wool in oatmeal. US8.

knit project: debbie bliss's the baby knits book - seed and cable stitch cardigan
difficulty (1-5): 3
size: 12 mo
yarn: elann's peruvian wool in oatmealpaton's classic merino in olive
knitting specs: US 8 dpn & cir.

collage.jpg we all love the details... hand stitched buttons, split hem line, little pockets and seed stitch collar!

March 31, 2005

baby steps for baby clothes

i have yet to post progress of my current projects, so here it is!

progress is shown for the baby jacket! it's a fun project! i hope to finish this off over the weekend.

however, as you can see, the cowl for the fluffy camisole project of "weekend knitting" is coming along rather slowly!

March 21, 2005

and... the pictures!

finally, i have the pictures loaded. so here it is for your viewing pleasure! elisa, if you are reading this, this is for your baby boy!

the cable and seed stitch jacket i'm making right now!

this is what i have completed over the weekend!

i hope to have the sleeves done by this week so i can tackle the front pieces over the weekend! it'll be the first time for me to make pockets. should be fun!!

March 20, 2005

quick update

i took a lot of pictures of my knitting this weekend and was ready to post some entries with my recent knitting activities, but not sure why "hello bloggerbot"- program i use to post pictures was not responding.

hmm.. how disappointing! thus i am also comteplating whether i should invest in getting movable type?

anyway, good progress this weekend. i have picked debbie bliss's cable and seed jacket to be the project for my friend's newborn son. i use peruvian wool from and it turns out rather nicely so far. single spun peruvian wool splits quite easily so that is my only complain for this yarn. i have completed the back and have started on the sleeves. knitting a baby garment is so much faster!!

finally received my rowan 37. there are a few projects i'd love to make - butterfly (the short version in pink!!), chicago (love the tiny flowers!), beaded martha, marianne (short version) and heirloom. again, no pictures to show! for those of you owns the copy, you'd know what i'm talking about!

i also love kaffe fassett's design in this issue. i'm tempting to make the stepped flowers stole... i can see that would be a year long project!

March 14, 2005


i know i posted earlier that i have signed up for the rebecca29 knitalong, but at this point i still do not have the yarn nor the magazine. my knitting obsession was diminished slightly after my vacation. i think it had a lot to do with my lack of knitting during the trip.

anyway, i'm not sure if i'd do this knitalong after all since i had a massive shopping spree in the past two weeks, and i can not bring myself to spend more money on yarn. but, knitting garden just sent a springtime sale email out. how cruel!

oh well! i had promised my friend in taiwan that i'd make her newborn son a sweater cardigan** and just so happened that i have a copy of the debbie bliss's baby knits book and some yellow new wool laying around. so, new plan for my knitting: find patterns and reasons to use up my stash before getting more fabulous rowan/GGH yarn.

why am i making my friend a sweater cardigan for her newborn son? well, she treated me such generous portion of delicious japanese food. gotta love her for that!!