baby yoked cardi

February 07, 2006

a new butterfly

this morning on npr's morning edition, they were talking about the paris fashion shows. is it spring already?

i have finished the lavender baby coat. the process was a bit messy and fumed with disparity. however, the end result was sweet. i even had some yarn left for erika's lacy bonnet, which was about half way done. i found some paper thin shell buttons for the coat, and more to sew on the bonnet. my little niece will be the most adorable princess.

our friends will mail our coats and camera back to us. so i will get a chance to photograph the baby set before sending it off. i know words can be convincing, but pictures worth a thousand words.

i have been slightly influenced by the sew-along that has been going on. the site is so cute and many of my favorite bloggers are participating. and i am envious of all those talented girls who knit and sew. maybe i do need a sewing machine. it is inevitable. yes, i need one. what would you suggest for a very beginner who knows nothing about sewing?

ah, i do need a skirt. a flouncy, floral, patchwork like skirt.

spring knitting is happening here really soon, after the cobalt cardi, the overdue alpakka sweater, my mind will be focused on this lacy cami.

it is so 2005, but it is still pretty to me

a new butterfly in smoky grey! see, i have started a little already, with beads, too! now that the stores are flooded with spring hues and apparel, i may be able to find the most appropriate cami to layer with. bliss.


June 26, 2005

classic yoked baby cardigan

classic yoked cardigan from erika knight's "knitting for two"

knit project: knitting for two - classic yoked cardigan
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: 3-6 mo
yarn: dale of norway's baby ull in cream
knitting specs: US 5 cir.

sometimes, it takes more time to complete a project for babies than for adults and this project is definitely an example of that. i picked this cardigan to make for our friends coleman and kerri for its style is timeless and classic. also, it looks equally beautiful on a baby boy or girl. having said that, i am somehow secretly hoping that they are going to have a little girl. so i made the shawl collar version with pearl buttons. the result is quite satisfying.

for the most part, this is a pretty straight forward project and it goes pretty quickly after the never ending stockinette stitches. i used four balls of dale of norway's baby ull and i think the yarn is perfect for this cardigan. baby ull is very soft and springy, it is also machine washable, a definite plus for parents!

what i'd do differently the next time (if there's a next time!) would be knitting the upper front bands together with the front pieces than making them separately and sewing on later. the only thing i'll need to figure out first is the buttonhole positions!

a cream baby cardigan waiting to be worn!
details of the pearl button, shawl collar, waist gathering and my whispering pine label!!

June 13, 2005

shall we get it finished?

the past weekend was one of those you felt like you were knitting like crazy but there was nothing to show, or at least nothing exciting to show.

so, i was trying to tidy up all the projects i started back in the spring, i had hopes that i'd finish the baby cardigan, but due to several ripping and reknitting, it is still waiting to be sewn together. also, due to excessive/obsessive blocking, i may have flatten the ruffling a bit too much! so, i took it off the blocking board and let it sit and regain its ruffling shape before constructing it into a proper garment. knitting is such a forever learning experience, isn't it?

almost there!
i am also knitting along the skirt but have nothing to show. i'm hoping by the end of this week, i will be able to finish all the increases and begin the fun part - stripes of summery sorbet colors!

once i've finished the baby cardigan and the socks for my dad, i am thinking of starting this halter top with GGH capri i bought earlier this year. what do you think? i know i can not wear the halter top to work, but at least i can wear them during weekends, so i'm not just knitting something that i'll never wear. i'm all for practical knitting!

rebecca24 halter top in capri
i hope this week will pass quickly so i can get back to my knitting. i came across an amazing piece of design by anna this weekend! whew! i was totally blown away by such ingenious style and completely fashion forward! i hope she will decide to share or publish this pattern because i will be there buying it!

April 25, 2005

misc. knitting excitements!

i have started a new baby project for another couple of ours this weekend. this time, i'm making a yoke cardigan in new baby wool from dale of norway. the pattern is from erika knight's new book "knitting for two". i love the simplicity of this cardigan and i'm making it in a soft cream color so it'll be good for both girl or boy, as the couple chose not to know the sex of the baby!

anyway, this project, though simple, is knitted on small needles, so i'm casting on 250 stitches for all front and back! i do hope this project will go fast once i get to the stockinette stitches then all i'll need to do is knit mindlessly for a while.

classic baby cardigan with seedstich border and stand up collar

definitely going to be a slow progress on US5 needles!
i went to atlanta and visited strings & strands with a friend this weekend! surprisingly i found they have some rowan's linen drapes in stock! i quickly picked up some so i can make another honeymoon cami for my sister! love LYS! they always have some discontinued stocks hanging out and waiting to be picked up by desperate knitters like myself!

lastly, update on the fluffy camisole and cowl from "weekend knitting", still clicking along! i'm almost done with the cowl and have started the camisole on a smaller needle, as the smallest size in the book is for 38" chest. i hope it'll turn out much better fitted using size 9 needles.

you did not think i'd leave the LYS without getting some yarns, did you? well, since i'm so in love with all those soft baby yarns, i picked up some debbie bliss's baby cashmerino for an undecided project. my friend thinks this color combination is unexpected yet harmonious, so, there you have it!

musky grey and soft yellow, what is it going to be?