butterfly cami

October 12, 2006

knitting grey


can you see the little beads here? they are glass beads from japan. i found them in this little bead shop in helena, alabama. they matched the smoky kidsilk haze pretty well. the only thing about knitting with beads is that you need to push the beads down to pull the threads constantly. it was a tempting entertainment for my cats, they were totally psyched.

my second attempt to make butterfly was definitely a lot better than the tragic first. my progress is much more advanced than the above photo. still, i think the hem is the best part of this whole garment, and the most time-consuming. i intend to find a midnight blue silk cami to layer with butterfly, with black taxedo pants and skinny heels, it should look appropriately chic for a night out in fall.


how about this grey wool socks? nancy bush's railway socks for husband. he totally loves this, especially the striped heels. socktoberfest is still happening here.

February 07, 2006

a new butterfly

this morning on npr's morning edition, they were talking about the paris fashion shows. is it spring already?

i have finished the lavender baby coat. the process was a bit messy and fumed with disparity. however, the end result was sweet. i even had some yarn left for erika's lacy bonnet, which was about half way done. i found some paper thin shell buttons for the coat, and more to sew on the bonnet. my little niece will be the most adorable princess.

our friends will mail our coats and camera back to us. so i will get a chance to photograph the baby set before sending it off. i know words can be convincing, but pictures worth a thousand words.

i have been slightly influenced by the sew-along that has been going on. the site is so cute and many of my favorite bloggers are participating. and i am envious of all those talented girls who knit and sew. maybe i do need a sewing machine. it is inevitable. yes, i need one. what would you suggest for a very beginner who knows nothing about sewing?

ah, i do need a skirt. a flouncy, floral, patchwork like skirt.

spring knitting is happening here really soon, after the cobalt cardi, the overdue alpakka sweater, my mind will be focused on this lacy cami.

it is so 2005, but it is still pretty to me

a new butterfly in smoky grey! see, i have started a little already, with beads, too! now that the stores are flooded with spring hues and apparel, i may be able to find the most appropriate cami to layer with. bliss.


August 20, 2005

a frog at whispering pine

progress of butterfly
i thought i'd work on the butterfly this weekend, and i did. i seamed the hems, and started picking up stitches in round. all was well. i even stopped and took a picture of this antique looking butterfly. oh, how i loved this pattern.
butterfly in pieces
hmmm... guess i did not love it that much after all. as the title of this post suggested, butterfly took a detour to the frog pond soon after the one and only photo session. why? what were you thinking, crazy woman?

it was never meant to be like this. i was eager to finish my butterfly and wear it as a flapper girl; i even bought a pair of lace stocking to go with the outfit. however, when i was knitting it this afternoon, i kept hearing something someone had said: life is too short to knit what you do not like.

there was nothing wrong with this pattern. in fact, i love it still very much. yet i made two fundamental mistakes which ultimately invited the frog visit: 1) the color of the yarn, and 2) knitting in the round**.

i was never 100% convinced that pale pink is my color, the more i knit, the more i had to tell myself that i HAD to like this color. red flag #1. second, i had decided to knit in the round to avoid seaming, however, come to think of it, it really would not be so bad to seam. i was a bit dumbfounded when i realized that i had to do to yarn forwards twice in a row when knitted in round and somewhere in the rows that i had decided to modify the pattern (why? i don't know) which later proven to be a progressive error (stupid decision). and that, my friend, is why a complete, irreversible frogging event must happen.

still, i love this pattern, i'd do it again. but the next time i'll do it in a color that i LOVE, which would be KSH's smoke. and, i want to bead it. i think beading really adds to the butterfly. anyway, i'm giving this project a bit of a rest at the moment. soon, i'll pick it back up again. please do not feel discouraged if your starting of butterfly was inspired by me. i did not do a very good job at keeping that motivation going... but please, keep knitting, your butterfly will be more beautiful than mine.

oh well, at least my cats had a kick out of it! they love it so much that i was able to capture their fun!

cats and butterfly!
this weekend was not all that bad, i had finished tivoli and audrey. photos to come. stay tuned.

**update: third reason to frog: needle size. i used US8 to knit the hem, and i think it came out too loose. i also used addi turbo, bad choice. too slippery. so, the next time i do this, i'll go down a needle size and use denise interchangeables.**

July 27, 2005

i heart vintage fashion

butterfly hem, rowan 37
it is the midst of summer. blazing heat, hazy air; it feels like a boiling pot when walking outside the air-conditioned rooms. all you can think about is icy cold beverages, beaches, sunscreens, spaghetti strap tops and see-through tunics (the last two are currently on my mind). however, those fashion-forward folks are spoon-feeding fall and winter garments down your throat. goodness, i am sweating just by thinking about it.

but... have you check out the latest anthropologie website? all those fairy-like models wearing beautiful hand knits and frolicking along the fall-themed backdrop. i don't know why i dig such style so much, but who wouldn't? i want to be in the vintage era. i don't care if they did not have computers back then. i would rather wear corsets and lacy stockings!!

vintage love. my current obsession. that is why i'm picking up the project "butterfly" from rowan 37. albeit the fact that this garment was featured in the spring issue, i think the mohair lacey top is equally suited for this fall. i have seen a couple butterflies fluttering the cyberspace and they are all so fragilely beautiful. maybe, by wearing this top, i can shed off some of my goofiness and be a lady for a change.

i know i had asked my readers what color to knit my butterfly a while back. well, i went against popular voting and picked pink to be my color. why? well, i just feel that i had wanted to make it in pink all along, and i was hoping that my readers (whom i probably shared similar fashion tastes with) would agree with me.. hence that was probably the purpose of my intention. i had seriously considered green, thought, would that color be suited for this? perhaps?

in a different light and background, butterfly is a pale pink
butterfly has a rating of three yarn balls in rowan. and they are there for a reason. three yarn ball rated garments are, indeed, difficult to make. at least it requires a lot of attention. i was working on it for a couple days, and every row required stitch counting, possibly some ripping and re-knitting. i have been reading the knit-along on craftster, apparently it gets easier after the hem. so, we shall see.

June 23, 2005

should the butterfly be pink?

original cream (love it)
so, in order to make myself all tangled up in multiple projects, i'm thinking of starting a new project in a few weeks: the butterfly from rowan37. i bought some KSH wannabe yarns in taipei a few months ago and i chose these two soft pastels to come home with me. but i have not been able to decide which is a better color for butterfly. it's always tough to pick a color to knit. i tend to gravitate towards my favorite colors and this is typically fine until one day the whole wardrobe consists of only one color palette. so, is it gonna be green or pink? what's your thought?
but i only have green and pink?

March 25, 2005

i wonder...

seems like many knitters are interested in making butterfly from rowan37, could there be a knitalong somewhere?