cornflower tunic

July 23, 2006

summer blue, like cornflower blue


knit project: rebecca 29 - conflower tunic (blue tunic dress)
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: smallest (32-34 in)
yarn: 100% linen yarn from joujouka
knitting specs: US 6 cir.

i love linen. it is quintessential for summer.

pattern for my cornflower tunic was a combination of rebecca 29's dress and the silk cami from LMKG. i wanted a sexy little slip-on that i can wear to the pool or sea side. perhaps with a cami, a pair of white, flare linen pants and leather, bohemic flats, too. corflower tunic has successfully fulfilled my desire for such wardrobe. bliss.

i have not washed the dress yet so hopefully the lousy grafting of these wispy straps won't fall off when i do.


come to think of it, my straw hat goes with the dress as well. when the time is right, everything seems to just match up perfectly.

fits wonderfully, too!

summer is soft hence sepia tone is much better than black & white

June 20, 2006

my growing cornflower

i kept thinking this week is the twelfth, but it is already the nineteenth. june has gone by so fast.

that's great, though. i can't wait for july. why? i'm taking a mini vacation to visit hege. just us girls. we will knit and sew and eat by the sea. i can not wait.

it has been so long since i was in boston. i hope to visit some yarn shops with hege when we are in town. but not after some succulent lobsters and clam chowders.

but most of all, i want to finish my cornflower tunic before the trip. it will look so cute on the beach of cape cod and hege's estate- pine cone lodge!


it still has a way to go, as you can see from the progress shot. i am thinking of making this a spaghetti strap dress than the original, long sleeve version. what do you think?


a while back i had purchased some linen blend fabric to make a pair of capri pants. these cute lobsters seem to be so appropriate for cape cod now, don't they? i have actually finished sewing the most part, except the waist portion. i'm just not a pattern-follower when it comes to sewing, still need to modify the waist part before it is ready for debut. pants are tricky to make, that's my conclusion so far.

sewalong top is coming, i am going to make butterick's B4549. pattern and fabric are from stash. barring any mistakes... it should be a cute top!

May 23, 2006

everything linen

coincidentally, my knitting and sewing projects consist exclusively linen at the moment, a silent welcome for my first summer in georgia.


i'm so loving this cornflower tunic (pattern from rebecca 29). doubling the thin linen thread really makes the stitch less hollow yet the drape of linen still shows through beautifully. i quite enjoy working on plain stockinette, so soothing and mindless! the only worry i have right now is if the hem would be wide enough for the dress to be a little floaty. also, when i cast on the stitches, i had only this teeny bit of yarn left which was not enough to do a solid darning. this little piece of yarn keeps poking out... oh well. i'll worry about this later.

so the sewalong community has just announced the next project: a top! just so happens that i already had a cute pattern in my stash. more on that later. now, i want to show you the bag i made for the sewalong.


hmm... it did not work out well for me. i was not getting the amy butler magic. my intown bag was sadly transformed into a linen hanging pocket for our take out menus. it was probably too excessive for such purpose but i hate throwing something i made away, especially with the most beautiful linen fabric!

what went wrong? well, i have just one word: interfacings. i read from others' comments that this pattern did not involve any interfacings, so lining the fabric would provide some shape, which i like for bags. however, i decided to use the stiffest interfacings... hence, when i needed to turn the whole thing inside out, it was almost impossible. so, i couldn't even top stitch properly. so sad. but it was a good lesson and now i have the posh-est take out menu holders so i can't really complain.

there will be another intown bag, soon, i promise!

speaking of home improvement, my sewing ego had extended to making some linen table napkins. i went by the store to get some matching color, 100% linen fabric to make napkins and cocktail napkins per williams-sonoma standard. boy, was that a touch job. sewing squares were much more labor-intensive that i thought. it involves:

dinner napkins in the making

washing the fabric
ironing linen fabric (which was difficult as it was really wrinkle after washing)
squaring off the fabric
drawing the cut lines
drawing the seam lines and fold lines
cutting carefully
pinning, folding and ironing along the seam and fold lines
sewing the lines and mitered corners

honestly, it was really exhausting! i made two dinner and four cocktail napkins this weekend and still had some more to make in order to complete a set. but it really was worthwhile. look just how much more sophisticated a glass of water now looks on my 100% handmade, tailored cut cocktail napkin.

tailored made napkins make water tastes better

for the first time, i told my husband to wipe his mouth on my FO project. and don't worry to stain it with red wine or spaghetti sauce. it was made to wipe off dirt.

May 06, 2006

just a yellow lemon tree

yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky,
and all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree

i love this song - lemon tree by fools garden. in fact, i heard it for the first time as a translated version by a female taiwanese artist. i did not find out who the original artist was until years later when i played this song again on CD, my american friend told me.

anyway... i feel the need to knit something simple, something spring. colors of yellow, blues and green seem to be so appropriate for my current state of mind. i am making a pair of ribbed socks. i am calling it lemon tree.

lemon tree is going to be at least 10 inches long before i make the heels, that is if i can decide what kind of heels to make. nonetheless, i think the cotton is going to be wonderful to wear in summer.

i wore my blue cobalt cardi to work on friday and i totally loved it! it was a cloudy day with a bit of chilly breeze, i wore a pair of very broken in jeans and a very worn out grey t-shirt with the cardi, it felt so perfect and comforting. like having a bowl of beef stew. all day long i was immersed in this wonderful feeling and thinking about the generous comments from all of you. you guys made my day.

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