fluffy cami

June 05, 2005

weekend knitting

remember this project that i have been knitting and blogging about for the past few months? well, it's finally done! i'm so glad!! she is a pretty piece of work! light and fluffy!

i used the yarn the pattern calls for, rowan's kidsilk haze, except the color showed in the pattern was no longer available, so, i chose color trance in hope that it will be close to the picture. now that i look at it, trance is more green than blue. if i had to do it again, i would probably choose the color heavenly for this project.

for the cotton thread, i picked up three skeins of DMC cotton perle from the local sewing store, they have so many colors that i was glad that i brought along the yarn to get a close match. it all turned out rather nicely!

i don't think this was a difficult project, just time consuming! but in all honestly, i wasn't working on this continuously for the past three months. though the lace pattern may appeared to be intimidating at first, once you've knitted a few rows, it was pretty much a breeze for it had minimal shapings until the armholes. i made the smallest size and used just under two balls of KSH. rowan's KSH is so soft and fluffy, a dream to work with... that is if you don't drop stitches! i did made a couple mistakes here and there but i hope it was not too visible.

i was going to prep myself up for a photo session, me drinking english tea with a set of "blue" english bone china, all elegant and airy... however, it was freaking 90F outside this afternoon, i had little desire to wear mohair out in the sun, so, after the sun had set, we went out and took this!

presenting fluffy camisole in the woods next to the ancient plow device

knit project: weekend knitting - fluffy camisole and cowl
difficulty (1-5): 3
size: 38 in
yarn: rowan's kid silk haze in trance
knitting specs: US 9.5 cir. for cami; 10.5 cir. for cowl

May 05, 2005

mindless knitting into summer

it feels like summer already in the south, and i have entered a phase of mindless knitting.

i have completed a sock as of this wednesday. so far i am pleased with the result but afraid that i will not have enough patience to finish the pair, which conveniently reminds me why i never liked making socks. the whole "have to make a pair" thing just deflates my motivation. funny this does not apply to sleeves.

aside from socks, two other projects, the baby cardigan and fluffy camisole/cowl, are moving along at a steady pace. i had set some reachable daily knitting goals for each project (like 10 rows per day, etc) to comfort myself from the mundane stockinette stitches and the repetitive lace pattern. so far, it works for my easily fooled mind.

last week, i received the yarn for the wave skirt of interweave spring. i am so tempted to start but it really needs to wait until i either finish off the socks (for my mum), or complete all the stockinette stitches for the baby sweater. in the meantime, i'm just trying to see if i need some cute tops to go with this currently non-existent skirt of mine.

so, it's going to be summer soon, what a great time to look forward to!

this is what summer is for me

April 25, 2005

misc. knitting excitements!

i have started a new baby project for another couple of ours this weekend. this time, i'm making a yoke cardigan in new baby wool from dale of norway. the pattern is from erika knight's new book "knitting for two". i love the simplicity of this cardigan and i'm making it in a soft cream color so it'll be good for both girl or boy, as the couple chose not to know the sex of the baby!

anyway, this project, though simple, is knitted on small needles, so i'm casting on 250 stitches for all front and back! i do hope this project will go fast once i get to the stockinette stitches then all i'll need to do is knit mindlessly for a while.

classic baby cardigan with seedstich border and stand up collar

definitely going to be a slow progress on US5 needles!
i went to atlanta and visited strings & strands with a friend this weekend! surprisingly i found they have some rowan's linen drapes in stock! i quickly picked up some so i can make another honeymoon cami for my sister! love LYS! they always have some discontinued stocks hanging out and waiting to be picked up by desperate knitters like myself!

lastly, update on the fluffy camisole and cowl from "weekend knitting", still clicking along! i'm almost done with the cowl and have started the camisole on a smaller needle, as the smallest size in the book is for 38" chest. i hope it'll turn out much better fitted using size 9 needles.

you did not think i'd leave the LYS without getting some yarns, did you? well, since i'm so in love with all those soft baby yarns, i picked up some debbie bliss's baby cashmerino for an undecided project. my friend thinks this color combination is unexpected yet harmonious, so, there you have it!

musky grey and soft yellow, what is it going to be?

March 31, 2005

baby steps for baby clothes

i have yet to post progress of my current projects, so here it is!

progress is shown for the baby jacket! it's a fun project! i hope to finish this off over the weekend.

however, as you can see, the cowl for the fluffy camisole project of "weekend knitting" is coming along rather slowly!