knitted gifts

April 09, 2007


mimi in purple cardi

my sister in law sent me some studio photos of my niece wearing the purple set. how adorable is this little chubby girl? they also sent me this one with mona kitty, notice kitty's shoes were gone. i think i may have to send her more.

March 12, 2007


remember this?

iris is finally done. it's packaged and ready for shipment to my friend amilia in singapore. it was meant to be her wedding present, that was last fall.

i am not sure what to do with the front closure, a silk bow, leather thread, a brooch? i left that open for amilia to decide. she makes jewelry, perhaps she can custom-made one for iris. a little crocheted string was temporarily used.

calmer is a lovely yarn for spring. i noticed that rowan had changed its composition from microfiber to acrylic, not sure if that is going to affect my feelings for calmer. but for now, i still love this cottony yarn very much.

a photo of me modeling the gift for amilia. i expect a photo of her wearing it soon!


knit project: iris from rowan35
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: small (34 inches)
yarn: rowan's calmer in amour
knitting specs: US 7 & 8

February 25, 2007


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hege gave me this gorgeous looking norwegian hat during my two day trip to boston last week. lovely shades of grey with yellow, and warm tones of accents. it was made with a dale of norway pattern, more details can be found on hege's post.

we had a lovely time catching up in boston, visited yarn shops, ate lobsters (just me), dinner at north end. i forgot how cold new england winter gets, however, my norwegian hat had kept me warm, all the way back to the sunny south.

thank you, hege!

December 29, 2006

new years eve


my niece modeling her handknits. i still haven't met her in person, but i was told that she looks like me when i was that little. it is such a wonderful feeling to see this wee family member wearing something handmade by me. her mother told me that she doesn't like wearing the hat, but i think she looks just adorable.

it's funny how life takes all of us to places we never expected to be. my family is scattered around four different countries for the past decade or so, it's a trip to get everyone together in the same place, literally. as such, some family members still haven't met one another. like my sister's husband and mine, we think that they'd get along great, why wouldn't they? an aussie lad and guy with southern root. and i am looking forward to meeting my little niece.

that would be interesting. and i hope that one day, we'll get to spend a holiday together.

this year has been great for us, we have accomplished a lot and hopefully we can enjoy the fruitful consequences in year 2007. knitting wise, i am not as productive as the year before but i'm happy with most things i've made. most exciting part of my craft this year was learning how to sew. i enjoyed every aspect of the process. it has been fun.

january next year will begin with a journey through hong kong and china. i'm excited beyond words. my siblings will make an effor to fly to hong kong and meet with us for a day. then, we'll be trekking through the ancient city of xi'an to immerse ourselves in the greatness of chinese culture and history. we'll get to experience the changing of seductive shanghai and then travel north to beijing. i hope to see traces of royal glamour in the forbidden city and summer palace, and to experience the vast north atop the great wall of china. we will have a chance to breathe the culture so intimate to me. and let's not forget the food. it is going to be an amazing experience. i'm sure of that.

thank you, for reading my journal, for supporting my obsession and loving what i do. have a wonderful new year.

November 21, 2006

railway socks

then, he takes off his shoes to show the handknit railway socks...

wait for it...

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September 17, 2006

seattle's rain

i'm traveling from the sunny south to seattle for a scientific conference today. the city that is so beautiful in my mind will finally come alive in my eyes. don't be shy to say hi if you see me there.

before i bring back pictures of seattle's rain and seattle's coffee, here's the progress shot of iris:


and the last installment of sister's kimono top. i can't wait to see them on her.

August 25, 2006

iris bolero

precious jewelry made by amilia

handmade jewelry are just as precious as handknit sweaters. they are made with love. amilia, an old friend of mine from singapore, made some gorgeous earrings and necklace for me. just because. i love them! granted that i was never a jewelry person, i do find these addictively attractive.

beginning of iris

in return, i have started the promised iris bolero from rowan. it is color armour, red like ruby. rowan's calmer is so soft and delicate. it brings back memories of my making of audrey. i love that sweater still and am looking forward to wearing it this fall.

i am not quite sure what i'll do for the bolero closure. i think a handmade fabric flower brooch sounds pretty good. if i can make one pretty like this on molly's tutorials.

i must have touched a knitting nerve, lately i'm quite motivated to start some winter projects. it will consist some bulky sweaters for myself, a couple for my husband. and hopefully i'll even make some socks for parents in law this christmas.

and to my surprise, i did not expect so many of your responses regarding my bored cats.

the love of their lives

these cats used to be wild, we tamed them, now two of them live with us in an apartment. however, cats are still bored, they are better but sometimes still do silly things to entertain themselves. i didn't think they would be of any interest to others. what do i know. they are here to be loved.

November 30, 2005

a shrug in red

fiery bolero, elspeth and iris, which will be in calmer's red?

UPDATE: amilia has spoken, she wants iris from rowan35! great choice, i must say.

amilia, my dearest friend who is getting married next fall, will be getting one of these handknit shrugs from me. she will be picking one of these patterns and i will make them with rowan's calmer in red (the audrey red). though a stash busting knit, but they are nonetheless luxurious cotton yarns for the bride to be. USA

shrugs/boleros are great for a fashion-conscious lady who lives in the forever tropical island that is singapore. but any of them would look great with a tube top, a basic cami, or even a cute sundress.

my suggestions? i really love all of them. but i am a bit partial to iris. i'll probably make it with 3/4 sleeves and instead of using a shoe string (like what rowan model is using), i would close it with a hook & eye. in addition, a lovely brioche to match the outfit. the simplicity of this design is sophisticated for an urban girl like yourself.

elspeth may be lovely, too, you say. indeed it is lovely. i can see you wearing it while visiting santosa, bali or fiji island with a white linen dress. it has a romantic flair to it, you should love that.

but that fiery bolero. hmmm.... with this flaming red color, you can easily paired it with a pair of cropped jeans, kitten-heeled sandals and your cute LV cherry bag (yes, i know you at least have one). you will get noticed while shopping at your favorite boutiques.

i'm not helping, am i? you see, i took out the colors from those pictures so your decisions will not be biased by the models. so amilia, i know it is a tough choice but you will have to make it. readers, do you want to help?

June 26, 2005

classic yoked baby cardigan

classic yoked cardigan from erika knight's "knitting for two"

knit project: knitting for two - classic yoked cardigan
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: 3-6 mo
yarn: dale of norway's baby ull in cream
knitting specs: US 5 cir.

sometimes, it takes more time to complete a project for babies than for adults and this project is definitely an example of that. i picked this cardigan to make for our friends coleman and kerri for its style is timeless and classic. also, it looks equally beautiful on a baby boy or girl. having said that, i am somehow secretly hoping that they are going to have a little girl. so i made the shawl collar version with pearl buttons. the result is quite satisfying.

for the most part, this is a pretty straight forward project and it goes pretty quickly after the never ending stockinette stitches. i used four balls of dale of norway's baby ull and i think the yarn is perfect for this cardigan. baby ull is very soft and springy, it is also machine washable, a definite plus for parents!

what i'd do differently the next time (if there's a next time!) would be knitting the upper front bands together with the front pieces than making them separately and sewing on later. the only thing i'll need to figure out first is the buttonhole positions!

a cream baby cardigan waiting to be worn!
details of the pearl button, shawl collar, waist gathering and my whispering pine label!!

April 10, 2005

baby cardigan for my dear friend elisa

dear elisa,

i hope you are reading this from the other side of the ocean... and yes! i have finally finished the baby cardigan i had promised and before i'm sending it to you, i must show it off here at whispering pine.

i hope it will keep your new son looking dashing in this coming winter, and please know that our love and best wishes are stithed and woven in this cardigan. i hope to one day meet this boy of yours.

seed and cable stitch cardigan. 100% peruvian wool in oatmeal. US8.

knit project: debbie bliss's the baby knits book - seed and cable stitch cardigan
difficulty (1-5): 3
size: 12 mo
yarn: elann's peruvian wool in oatmealpaton's classic merino in olive
knitting specs: US 8 dpn & cir.

collage.jpg we all love the details... hand stitched buttons, split hem line, little pockets and seed stitch collar!

March 31, 2005

baby steps for baby clothes

i have yet to post progress of my current projects, so here it is!

progress is shown for the baby jacket! it's a fun project! i hope to finish this off over the weekend.

however, as you can see, the cowl for the fluffy camisole project of "weekend knitting" is coming along rather slowly!

March 21, 2005

something for my husband

i made this scarf from "the last minuted knitted gift" for my husband. i did not use the cashmere yarn as it had suggested, paton's merino wool was used instead. it turned out quite nicely. i hope he likes it!

olive color scarf for my husband who loves earthy tones

knit project: last minute's knitted gifts - boyfriend (husband) scarf
difficulty (1-5): 1
size: one size
yarn: paton's classic merino in olive
knitting specs: US 10

and... the pictures!

finally, i have the pictures loaded. so here it is for your viewing pleasure! elisa, if you are reading this, this is for your baby boy!

the cable and seed stitch jacket i'm making right now!

this is what i have completed over the weekend!

i hope to have the sleeves done by this week so i can tackle the front pieces over the weekend! it'll be the first time for me to make pockets. should be fun!!

March 20, 2005

quick update

i took a lot of pictures of my knitting this weekend and was ready to post some entries with my recent knitting activities, but not sure why "hello bloggerbot"- program i use to post pictures was not responding.

hmm.. how disappointing! thus i am also comteplating whether i should invest in getting movable type?

anyway, good progress this weekend. i have picked debbie bliss's cable and seed jacket to be the project for my friend's newborn son. i use peruvian wool from and it turns out rather nicely so far. single spun peruvian wool splits quite easily so that is my only complain for this yarn. i have completed the back and have started on the sleeves. knitting a baby garment is so much faster!!

finally received my rowan 37. there are a few projects i'd love to make - butterfly (the short version in pink!!), chicago (love the tiny flowers!), beaded martha, marianne (short version) and heirloom. again, no pictures to show! for those of you owns the copy, you'd know what i'm talking about!

i also love kaffe fassett's design in this issue. i'm tempting to make the stepped flowers stole... i can see that would be a year long project!

March 13, 2005

who loves the knitted presents?

so i'm back from my vacation, it's so wonderful to see families and friends again. there are many pictures to prove but this one is knitting related!

sister in law looks fab with her rebecca hat and scarf!