January 03, 2009

zipped raglan cardi

LMKG zipped cardi

pattern: last minute knitted gifts - men's zipped raglan
difficulty (1-5): 2.5
size: 46 in
yarn: rowan's rowanspun aran tweed in flame
knitting specs: us 8 cir.

there were already a lot of information on this project before i even started, and i have read many of your pattern notes and they all have been extremely helpful. i am actually very happy on how this had turned out for me (and husband). he obviously loves it and i think he looks pretty good wearing it, too. however, this was probably the most tedious project i have ever worked on... and it's really all because of the zippers.

i have made a few modifications on this project, and i think all of them had contributed to a more polished look for the cardigan. so first, the size. i knitted size 46 instead of 42 (which was husband's actual size) after studying pictures of most finished garments on ravelry, i feel that the fit was a rather tight one and was not quite the look i was going for. i also added a few inches to the body and sleeves to accommodate for rowanspun's tendency to shrink with washing. looking at the pictures, i think if i had knitted size 42, the sweater would have been way small. i haven't washed the cardigan yet, but i hope it won't change the fit too much. we both like the fit of the sweater, as is right now.

LMKG zipped cardi
LMKG zipped cardi

another thing i did was using blue blog's pattern note for ribbing alignment for the raglan decrease (thanks alison!). it worked out really nicely as you can tell from the pictures! pattern alignment is one of those things that gives a more professional and polished look. so if you are thinking of making this project, i would really recommend you taking a look at alison's note before casting on.


the last major modification i did was the zippers... i can't tell how much thought was put in to this. i never liked the look of zippers on the wrong side of a knitted garment, with zippers all exposed. so i've decided to knit facings with same patterns as the front after the zippers were secured. despite the fact that this arrangement generated a ton of extra knitting and sewing, i really love how it looks in the end. and with all the zipping back and forth, i am quite happy with how secured it is.

LMKG zipped cardi

so this is my last project for 2008 and i am so glad it is all done!

January 01, 2009

new year, 2009

LMKG zipped cardi

hello readers! happy 2009!

i can't believe it is now 2009; this year has gone by so so fast for us. i remembered the same time last year, we had just moved from atlanta to connecticut. not really sure how things would worked out for us... but luckily, this has been the best year, we love connecticut, love new england, love our friends, and everything else in between. though i haven't been blogging, knitting or sewing as much as i would have liked, i did managed to finish joelle hoverson's zipped raglan cardigan for husband on christmas day. can you tell he likes the cardigan? i think he looks great in orange tweed.

we just got back from a skiing/snowboarding trip (i'm now in love with skiing). so maybe tomorrow, i will find time to take pictures and tell you more about this cardigan. and maybe 2009 will be a great year for all of us.


September 15, 2008

yellow clapotis

yellow clapotis

yellow clapotis

yellow clapotis

pattern: clapotis by kate gilbert
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: n/a
yarn: malabrigo merino worsted in frank ochre
knitting specs: us 10 dpn

it feels like i have been talking about wanting a yellow scarf for a long time, since this spring, actually. clapotis in malabrigo seems like the perfect choice, if i were to have a warm, curly, handknit scarf to wear this winter.

clapotis is enormously popular, and it’s really not difficult to see why. i had a great time knitting this, and you probably can’t even tell that i adhered to the pattern somewhat loosely. in the end, i think the decrease/increase were all really out of alignment. but you really can’t tell, which is another reason to love knitting, so forgiving.

and i have been knitting quite a bit, next i’m going to finish zipped raglan cardigan for husband, then… i’ll be knitting a cardigan with more malabrigo, in frosted gray. i’m thinking central park hoodie. it’s just so perfect for a fall weather.

leaves are turning yellow - my new favorite color this year.

March 05, 2008

winter crafting

with the house progressively being set up, i am having more crafting time during the day. in fact, i have been sewing these past few days! so wonderful, the first thing i do in the morning this week has been cutting fabrics, ironing, threading... while listening to music.

bloomer set

today i was making the dress/bloomer set for my niece. it's red and white mostly. with sock monkeys all over the place. my sister suggested that i made a little quilt to go with it, too. i'm still thinking about that one.

orange tweed

and this orange cardigan is for husband. i tend to work on this when we are watching tv. progress is slow and winter is slowly moving away. oh well. i heard connecticut has long winters, though.

what i really want to knit is a pair of socks, but i really don't like casting on for socks. it's so cumbersome in my hands. i'm still meditating on what yarn/pattern i'm going to work with.

we went ski/snowboarding in vermont this past weekend. i finally learned how to ski properly, after three lessons, i went down a few green slopes. the snow was so powdery in vermont, every skiier was in love with the condition. i'm still too new to this sport to truly appreciate that.


vermont was completely covered in snow, i don't think i have ever seen this much snow in my whole life. we were also completely fascinated by the icicles. winter takes on a completely different meaning in new england.

January 24, 2008

thick cable sweater

rebecca cable sweater

rebecca cable sweater

pattern: cable sweater from rebecca 28
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: smallest
yarn: rowan's chunky print in temper
knitting specs: us 10 & 10.5 cir.

this january has been really cold in atlanta. it snowed. twice. i need to get used to the cold again. as we are moving to new haven in a few weeks! the cats got out during the snow, i don't think they liked it very much.

i finished a thick, woolly cable sweater and wore it last weekend to connecticut while house shopping.

i love how it fits on me. it's probably not the kind of style a lot of people digs but i am so tired of short, cropped, tight fitting sweaters (or tops in general), so i made this one extra long, torso wise. the sleeves are also long and snuggly, i'm happy with the outcome.

the pattern was from rebecca. i sometimes forget how wonderful their patterns are. it's so easy and clear to follow. i have made several projects from rebecca and loved all of them! can't really say the same for other designers!

the yarn was rowan's discontinued chunky print in charcoal. this bag of wool had been sitting in my stash for almost a year, i was going to make roxie. but i'm so glad i ditched that idea. a cabled sweater is so much more practical than a frilly cardigan. i'm not sure how the yarn holds in wash yet, i hope it's not going to be too bad.

i did make a couple minor modifications, one being the sleeves. i read at several places that the sleeves were turned out too wide, so i reduced the increases to one less than indicated and adjusted the rows between each increase to 10 (i don't remember what was in the original pattern). it turned out just fine. the yarn did stretch with blocking and wearing. another change is the turtle neck. i decided not to do that because i don't think it fits with the tunic style body.

knitting sweaters are fun. i love knitting sweaters and cardigans a lot more than socks or accessories! immediately upon completion of my cable sweater, i cast on for the ribbed cardigan by joelle hoverson. husband has been waiting for a bright color cardigan from me since last christmas, can't procrastinate any longer. pictures to come!

house in CT

we found a lovely place in new haven. the house is great but what we love is the field behind the house. it is suburban living to its fullest. plenty of nature reserve. i look forward to running again!

November 12, 2007

sunrise circle jacket

sunrise circle jacket

pattern: sunrise circle jacket by kate gilbert
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: 35 in
yarn: jo sharp's silkroad aran tweed in wintergrass
knitting specs: us 7 cir.

i thought i'd quickly post my recently finished sunrise circle jacket. i started this project earlier this summer, hoping to have it finished in time for winter. guess the plan worked! i am so happy to finally have another warm sweater to wear. the yarn was super soft and lovely. thank you, di! for swapping this with me. we both made sunrise circle jackets with our swapped yarns. only di finished hers a lot earlier, and i was really inspired to have mine done quickly.

the pattern was wonderful in the end. as i really had my doubts regarding the fit. i enjoyed seaming up the hem. simple whip stitch was all it needed. i had a hard time determining how to close the front. toggles would be an obvious choice. but i'm afraid the jacket may loose its modern feel, which was what i had envisioned it to be. so i picked green/yellowy buttons. with stitched button loops. though it now looks a little like star trek uniforms.

anyway, i love the overlapped front, it really keeps me warm. you can see more here.

thanks for everyone who stopped by and left me a nice, encouraging comment. will be back soon!

edited to add: i have been getting some requests for this particular pattern, last i checked, this pattern is no longer offered through interweave knits. if you want to learn more about the pattern, i would suggest you contacting the designer, or interweave knits.

October 15, 2007

sending off


after spending the past couple months working on the baby package for my sister, i made two muslin drawstring bags for mama and baby. i think it should wrapped this up nicely.

these elephants have been happy being residents of my craft room. but sadly one of them is going to be living with my sister's new baby. to send the elephant (i'm calling this one molly) off, i made her a bag.


it has nice, plushy pink lining, and linen tape as ties.


oh, finally i have time to knit! i

sunrise circle jacket

this is the "almost finished" sunrise circle jacket. i'm really eager to finish the last piece so i can seam it up and wear it this winter. it's going to be interesting to see how it fits. my gauge had been all over the place. and i had a feeling that my sleeves may be too long. not to mention the back and front seam may not line up, my front half of the circle looks like an inch longer than the back side seam.

oh well, it's wool, so let's hope some blocking will do the trick.

April 30, 2007

gentleman's fancy socks

gentleman's fancy socks
click for more views!

knit project: gentleman's fancy socks by nancy bush
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: modified (64 stitches cast on)
yarn: blue moon fiber arts' socks that rock in cobblestone county
knitting specs: US 1 cir.

another pair of handknit socks. but i have to say, they are the best fitting pair so far. all of my previous socks did not fit as well as they should. kind of disappointing! but this one, with some slight modifications, i found my kind of socks to wear in this coming winter!

i casted on 64 stitches, then with a little bit of maths, i centered the decreases and worked the rest of the socks with 56 stitches (i think, will check notes). it fits beautifully. i still have a lot of yarns left over. one of these days, i need to think of something to make for all those bits and pieces of left over sock yarns in my stash.

some thoughts on "socks that rock" yarn: nicely spun, beautifully variegated and very easy to knit using my addi turbo. i do prefer solid colors though. i like every single color in this variegation but it would be nicer if all of them are in a single, solid color skein! currently my sock yarns are mostly variegated and i have had a hard time matching my yarns with patterns available. i really want to make a pair of cabled or lace socks, with solid colors.

i haven't put them through the wash yet, but i suspect they would be fine with my washer and dryer.

next pair, i think it might either be knee-highs, or continue the fair-isle saga of my norwegian stockings (must conquer fear for fair isle knitting...).

however, i'm a bit itching to start a new sweater project. more specifically, kate gilbert's sunrise circle jacket, with yarns swapped from di (hey di, how's your sunrise circle jacket coming along?!). i'm just a little concerned with the sizing, not sure if i should make it closer to my fit, or with a bit of room. i found that most of my knits were pretty close fitting and sometimes, they are not the most comfortable to wear. i wear my cobalt blue cardi all the time, because it's so roomy and cuddly. my handknit sweaters tend to shrink a bit (with my way of caring, which was less than optimal), so i'm thinking size 37.

March 12, 2007


remember this?

iris is finally done. it's packaged and ready for shipment to my friend amilia in singapore. it was meant to be her wedding present, that was last fall.

i am not sure what to do with the front closure, a silk bow, leather thread, a brooch? i left that open for amilia to decide. she makes jewelry, perhaps she can custom-made one for iris. a little crocheted string was temporarily used.

calmer is a lovely yarn for spring. i noticed that rowan had changed its composition from microfiber to acrylic, not sure if that is going to affect my feelings for calmer. but for now, i still love this cottony yarn very much.

a photo of me modeling the gift for amilia. i expect a photo of her wearing it soon!


knit project: iris from rowan35
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: small (34 inches)
yarn: rowan's calmer in amour
knitting specs: US 7 & 8

December 10, 2006

nothing comes between

me and my malabrigo.

a skein of pure purle heaven.

edible, almost.

they make wonderful accessories, so soft against the skin. like cotton puff, light and sweet.

knit project: seedstitch hat (based on kitty hat) & wrist warmers (i made it up)
difficulty (1-5): 1.2
size: one size
yarn: malabrigo's merino wool in hollyhock (one skein)
knitting specs: US 6 circ.

November 27, 2006

a long trip to fair isle

DSCN0771.JPGmotifs are big and small, i'm not at one with fair isleDSCN0783.JPGmotifs are stretched out when wearingDSCN0780.JPGclose up reveals it all

fair isle knitting is still a slow process for me. these pictures where taken couple weeks ago, i just started decreasing for calf yesterday.

norwegian stocking is definitely a great learning pattern but not so sure if it is a good beginner's pattern for fair isle. i first had struggle with knitting with two hands. it was so awkward. i think i am getting better using left hand to knit the contrast color but getting the tension consistent is still pretty sad. one of the reasons i knit so slow was i had to manually adjust stitches by pulling yarns stitch by stitch. it was very tiring and non-productive. i had tried to knit with just right hand, but my stranding looks better when knitting with two hands. plus, it would look so cool when and if i master two hand knitting.

anyway, i can't wait to knit the heels and gusset. that's like the coolest part of this pattern.

still in the thanksgiving mood. i cooked a huge turkey this year and we had so much leftovers. i had to cook a new batch of stuffings to go with the turkey last night. a friend was having a birthday bash saturday night, he made some glühwein (he's german), and we even went this bar for some authentic german beer. i love this place, it is like walking into a bar in europe, so small but cozy.

waiting for christmas and our january trip to china. i am on a quest to hunt down some cashmere yarn and silk fabric. but let's save it for another post.

November 21, 2006

railway socks

then, he takes off his shoes to show the handknit railway socks...

wait for it...

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July 24, 2005

orangina is a deceitful purple top

sometimes, you just wish you were a supermodel.

knit project: glampyre knits - orangina
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: smallest (less 9 stitches)
yarn: ornaghi filati's gong in burgundy (988)
knitting specs: US 3 cir.

beautiful things can be delusional, unattainable and often deceitful. for instance: the mirage in the desert, mr. big from sex and the city, the yellow frogs in the amazon rain forest, the unreal length of those models' legs from victoria's secret's catalogue, and, of course, my purple orangina top!

i finished my orangina this weekend, this little lacey peek-a-boo top radiated such beauty that i had to put it on. and, what you didn't know was that this top instantly made you look like a supermodel, made your boobs two sizes bigger and you just want to masquerade as an expensive catwalk model for an evening. how surreal! but i definitely took this euphoric advantage and ran with it.

need i say more? so many smart knitters had already discovered the magic of orangina and had already fashioned their FOs all over blogland, so, i'm going to spare some technicalities here. what i had done differently were the following: to compensate for my petite asian frame, i casted on 9 stitches less than the smallest CO number, it had turned out quite nicely for it gave a fitted yet comfortable look. i increased the ribbing from 4 inches to 5 so the top would not accentuate the fat deposited abs. i seamed only one inch for the shoulder, instead of two, that worked out nicely as well. also, for the BO, i used crochet hook and did a single chain BO specified in vogue knitting to create an elastic edge. i originally used the standard BO method, that did not work out so well for this fiber. and, speaking of fiber: this yarn is the loveliest cotton yarn i have ever used (though i've only tried two kinds). but still, this yarn does not split, has a beautiful sheen and knits up nicely. i am not sure if it would bleed, i'll let you know. but if you can get your hands on this fiber, please don't hesitate.

what else would i have done differently? not much! though i can stand the top being a bit longer, but i would have increased the lace panel more (ie, 14 to 14.5 inch) than just the ribbing. i may want to try a lighter color so it can be worn with a light color cami. now, tell me, is this top too revealing for work, if no cami is worn underneath? i think so.

the obligatory self-proclaimed glamour black and white!
ok. i'm done. i don't think i want to be a supermodel. i just want to be a happy knitter who occasionally has some wild wacky dreams.

what next? butterfly from rowan. it's coming!

July 21, 2005

in which i stick my toe into pattern design

the beginning of an unknown sweater!
i have been thinking about this for a while, or more specifically, the last couple months after i was gifted these wonderful yarns by my dear friend. i know that with the quantities and colors, i can easily make a couple pairs of mittens and hats and be done with it. however, i feel that these yarns wanted to be more than just accessories. these beautiful colors can be carefully blended into a beautiful sweater. and it will be a colorful sweater.

i'm calling this my first serious sweater design and sure it will probably be more challenging than i think, however, we knitters welcome challenges! it'll be fun, it'll be rewarding and definitely worthwhile.

so, my friends, this will marked the beginning of the pattern design adventure from a novice.

here's a few ideas i'm thinking:

- make this sweater a funky one, use tom tom, oilily and missoni as inspirations
- avoid, during the process, turn it into a cheap wal-mart-like sweater
- use common sense and avoid fancy stuff. make it simple and straight forward
- make it fit, slim fit; and take plenty of notes
- always remember to have fun
- will come out loving knitting more, not the reverse

with help from another norweigan blogger i was able to acquire more of these lovely yarns. i guess i'm all set to go!

babysilk from norway! (courtesy of S T R I K K E R)

July 14, 2005

a sheet of purple lace

i am multitasking right now: reviewing data for my experiment, babysitting the robot (i work in a robotic drug screening lab) and, i'm blogging. how's that for efficiency? actually, i have been multitasking my knit projects these few days, too! i have *finally* finished the ribbed socks for my dad (pictures to come), surprisingly it fits me perfectly! actually, my dad is a small guy so i am pretty sure he can wear it, too.

so, ribbed socks out of the way, sockapal-2-za socks begin and that will be my project this weekend. hopefully, i'll have something to show next tuesday!

i forgot to bring my orangina pattern along, so i am just making laces (may be longer than necessary now). i'll start on the back (or front) piece this weekend, too.

purple lace everywhere!
what about audrey? well, sleeves are half way done (wonderful!), not only that, i also watched "roman holiday" this weekend with my husband (kudos for him as it is classified as a chick-flick). i am drawn to classics on regular basis, i think if a movie can sustain the test of time and popular culture, it is destined to be seen. so, i have made an effort to watch "gone with the wind" when i first came to alabama. totally loved it, given that at the time i was just slowly introduced to the southern culture etc. aside from "roman holiday", we also watched "the graduate" this weekend. another classic! strange to see dustin hoffman as a young guy.

so, what are your favorite classic movies?

July 09, 2005

think glamour, think audrey!

audrey, a sweater from rowan 35, was another new project i recently started. it's interesting how sometimes new projects just fall on your laps that you have no choice but to start knitting. this pretty ribbed sweater is definitely an example of that.

i swatched this time!
since this is a sweater that rekindles the fallen glamour and fashion of the 50's, it is never too late to start making it. thanks to the resourceful knitalong of audrey last year, i was able to read through many great tips and techniques for this project. i'm hoping that this information will pave a smooth path for my audrey experience.

and so far, i'm clicking along pretty happily! 2X2 ribbing is great knitting if you don't want to think while you knit. just increase a stitch here and there, and detangle your yarn every so often. before you know it, you have some nice, stretchy fabric ready to serve as sleeves of your sweater. how wonderful is that?

calmer, soft as cloud!
since this project is all about symmetry, same back and front pieces, same sleeves (this one is obvious), i feel obligated to embrace such design by knitting sleeves and body pieces two at a time. it is slower in appearance but the overall progress time should be the same. also, i'm really bad at counting rows... i had knitted a project that resulted in different lengths of sleeves. sad.
is red my color?

July 05, 2005

orangina is a purple top

i started a number of projects this weekend but the sockapal-2-za socks. how lame. one excuse for not starting up the socks was because the needles required to make them were occupied by the unfinished ribbing socks for my dad. equally lame, i know. oh well, guess i was just not in a "sock mood" this weekend.

so, no sockapal-2-za sock update this week. however, the lovely orangina is starting to take form at whispering pine!

i discovered that there's a yarn shop (!!) near our apartment in the city last week. this lovely yarn shop is only ten minutes away and they have quite a lovely yarn selection. there i spotted some gong cotton yarns by ornaghi filati and decided to use them for the orangina project.

it's the color of aubergine, color of pinot noir, and color of orangina!

i seem to have ambivalent feelings for the color purple. sometimes they are lovely to my eyes yet often they are just so unappealing. hmm, why is that? i have concluded that the color purple owns a wide spectrum of intensity and saturation (though you can pretty much say the same thing to all colors), and i seem to only find a few shades attractive.

anyway, toss my color theory aside, this particular shade of purple has proven to fit my taste. i called it the color of pinot noir, and i think they are going to be lovely as orangina!

ha! i was a bit careless and had overestimated my level of confidence when i started and guess what happened? this tangling yarn. oh, never overlooked the lace patterns, keep your stitches accurate and pay attention! i had to constantly remind myself.

don't you know lace is a finicky thing?

so, after a few rows, the lace has started to take form. wonderful! now, i am going to have some pinot* and relax!

*side note for pinot noir: i started to pay more attention to pinot after the movie "sideways". aside from the fact that this movie is one of the most interesting ones i have seen as of late, wine enthusiastic would also find this flick appealing. me, a wine enthusiastic wannabe, find this movie both inspirational and very informative in the topic of life and wine.*

July 01, 2005

roman holiday and a sleepy cat

my cat felt asleep on the window ledge and she had found a way to stretch out her paw. hmm. sometimes you wonder what those kitties are thinking?

as my WIP consists only socks at the moment, it's time to start a few new projects on this fourth of july weekend. and what projects will i be working on next? well, remember this post?

yes, i'll be starting the famous "audrey" this weekend. and, the orangina by glampyre. so, in order to set the mood for "audrey", i will be watching the movie "roman holiday" sometime this weekend. i have never seen this famous movie, so this weekend will definitely be the one to watch it. awesome.

as for orangina, i'm hoping that this will be a quick knit, that i can start and finish it within a couple weeks. after that, it'll be time for butterfly.

have a great holiday, everyone!

June 26, 2005

sorbet skirt in every direction

"your skirt is lovely", so my husband tells me.

knit project: interweave spring 2005 - wave skirt
difficulty (1-5): 2.3
size: 27 in
yarn: brown sheep's cotton fleece in assorted colors
knitting specs: US 5 & 6 cir.

my husband has always been a great supporter for my knitting, he always praises my work. however, he is particularly happy with this one and he's inspired to take many pictures for me during the sunset of this warm alabama sunday!

so, i have to say that my worries for knitting a skirt is completely gone by the end of this project. kat coyle is a genius for designing this figure flattering skirt. though a lot of kamikaze knitting went on this past couple weeks, i still think that this is a very quick and straight forward knit, though don't let all the weaving ins scare you off. cotton fleece can not have enough compliments from me, also, i learned how to bind off in beautiful lacey edges which is always a thumbs-up from me when i get to learn new techniques from a project!

i only lightly blocked this by pinning the edgings and spraying some water to let it dry. i will wash this after i wear this to work tomorrow! i'm all for integrating my knittings in with my daily wardrobe. hey, less shopping for commercially made clothes for me!

"she's equally flattering in every direction", husband adds.

what a finishing weekend! no more excitement for a while, my friends.

June 24, 2005

almost done!

she's all striped now!

June 23, 2005

should the butterfly be pink?

original cream (love it)
so, in order to make myself all tangled up in multiple projects, i'm thinking of starting a new project in a few weeks: the butterfly from rowan37. i bought some KSH wannabe yarns in taipei a few months ago and i chose these two soft pastels to come home with me. but i have not been able to decide which is a better color for butterfly. it's always tough to pick a color to knit. i tend to gravitate towards my favorite colors and this is typically fine until one day the whole wardrobe consists of only one color palette. so, is it gonna be green or pink? what's your thought?
but i only have green and pink?

June 18, 2005

she is just a mini-skirt

for now, that is!

saturday afternoon, florida weather. you know if you stay out for a couple hours, you might get a tan, and nobody would know if the tan was from florida or your back deck. so, there i was, pretending to be under the florida sun, clicking my sorbet skirt away.

i know i had plans to finish off the baby cardigan (hey, i still have sunday to do it!), but i was having too much fun making all these lovely stripes! maybe too much fun that i had forgotten to put on sunscreen. i am feeling a little sunburn right now. oops!

sunblock, sorbet stripes, stripey weave ins and mini skirt were what i was thinking about during this sunny afternoon!

June 17, 2005

quick and sorbety

you will be pleased to know that my sorbet skirt is now entering the stripey zone. oh, the cotton fleece is just lovely; stockinette stitches produce an even, shiny, cottony fabric. light, to my surprise, and very soft! sometimes, you really just need to give praises to the american made yarns. i also put the skirt on to see the fit, and i'm happy with the fit! excellent!

so, anyone who is interested in seeing a finished wave skirt, go here. anyone who is interested in making a knitted skirt, don't hesitate anymore! get yourself some cotton fleece and start stitching.

more later with pictures.

June 13, 2005

shall we get it finished?

the past weekend was one of those you felt like you were knitting like crazy but there was nothing to show, or at least nothing exciting to show.

so, i was trying to tidy up all the projects i started back in the spring, i had hopes that i'd finish the baby cardigan, but due to several ripping and reknitting, it is still waiting to be sewn together. also, due to excessive/obsessive blocking, i may have flatten the ruffling a bit too much! so, i took it off the blocking board and let it sit and regain its ruffling shape before constructing it into a proper garment. knitting is such a forever learning experience, isn't it?

almost there!
i am also knitting along the skirt but have nothing to show. i'm hoping by the end of this week, i will be able to finish all the increases and begin the fun part - stripes of summery sorbet colors!

once i've finished the baby cardigan and the socks for my dad, i am thinking of starting this halter top with GGH capri i bought earlier this year. what do you think? i know i can not wear the halter top to work, but at least i can wear them during weekends, so i'm not just knitting something that i'll never wear. i'm all for practical knitting!

rebecca24 halter top in capri
i hope this week will pass quickly so i can get back to my knitting. i came across an amazing piece of design by anna this weekend! whew! i was totally blown away by such ingenious style and completely fashion forward! i hope she will decide to share or publish this pattern because i will be there buying it!

June 07, 2005

managing disasters

first, i would like to express my appreciation to all the generous compliments on the fluffy cami! they are precious to me and my blog! so, thank you.

last night, i casted on (for the second time) the sorbet skirt and i'm about 6 or 7 rows from the beginning. it's not dramatic enough to justify a picture so i'm saving that till later. i have been reading and stealthing knitting blogs for a few months and have yet to come across a knitted skirt, when i did, it usually ended up being loathed by the creator. hmm... this makes me worry for i chose this project based on the fact that i'd be able to wear it to work, and the color of the skirt should be quite complementing to an array of tops i own. so, what if the skirt turned out to be a colossal disaster? then, all my expectation and fantasy for this piece will be vanished instantly. do i want to carry on a project bearing such fear? but, if kat coyle can pulled it off, i hope i can, too.

to minimize the risk of creating a disastrous knitwear, i made a couple modifications to the original pattern: given that the smallest size was still too big for me, i will knit in US5 all the way until the fan feather pattern in hope that the upper part of the skirt will at least be fitted to my petite frame. i will use US6 instead of US7 for the lower part of the skirt, and eliminate some repeat sequences so the length of the skirt will be some what appropriate for my height. now, should i make the lace edging? oh, i'll make that decision when i come to that.

and, i will also try on this piece as early and frequently as possible, if at some point i feel that the skirt will invariably be a failure, i will, without any reservation, frog. thank goodness i'm using brown sheep's cotton fleece. i love this yarn. versatile and soft!

whew! what a stressful entry.

aside from the skirt, i made some great progress on my dad's socks! i am on to the second sock now. however, i had just realized that in australia, father's day is not until september 4th. here i'm knitting my hearts out thinking june 19th is the d-day, and had verbally prepped my dad for a surprising gift, oh well, who to blame?

gotta love the one-size-fits-all ribbing sock

June 05, 2005

weekend knitting

remember this project that i have been knitting and blogging about for the past few months? well, it's finally done! i'm so glad!! she is a pretty piece of work! light and fluffy!

i used the yarn the pattern calls for, rowan's kidsilk haze, except the color showed in the pattern was no longer available, so, i chose color trance in hope that it will be close to the picture. now that i look at it, trance is more green than blue. if i had to do it again, i would probably choose the color heavenly for this project.

for the cotton thread, i picked up three skeins of DMC cotton perle from the local sewing store, they have so many colors that i was glad that i brought along the yarn to get a close match. it all turned out rather nicely!

i don't think this was a difficult project, just time consuming! but in all honestly, i wasn't working on this continuously for the past three months. though the lace pattern may appeared to be intimidating at first, once you've knitted a few rows, it was pretty much a breeze for it had minimal shapings until the armholes. i made the smallest size and used just under two balls of KSH. rowan's KSH is so soft and fluffy, a dream to work with... that is if you don't drop stitches! i did made a couple mistakes here and there but i hope it was not too visible.

i was going to prep myself up for a photo session, me drinking english tea with a set of "blue" english bone china, all elegant and airy... however, it was freaking 90F outside this afternoon, i had little desire to wear mohair out in the sun, so, after the sun had set, we went out and took this!

presenting fluffy camisole in the woods next to the ancient plow device

knit project: weekend knitting - fluffy camisole and cowl
difficulty (1-5): 3
size: 38 in
yarn: rowan's kid silk haze in trance
knitting specs: US 9.5 cir. for cami; 10.5 cir. for cowl

May 22, 2005

a pair of socks!

finally, an FO! making this pair of socks is like pulling teeth! especially the motivation to start the second one. but i'm glad it's all done! it'll be on its way to brisbane next week, i hope my mum will like it!

i may want to try my next pair with long-tail cast on. i like the tubular cast on, but one of the socks feels like it's a bit tight so i'm going to experiment with other cast on methods to see which ones i like the best.

so, what next? i am having the urge to finish off all the half down projects (the fluffy camisole and baby sweater), however, i think i need to start the sorbet skirt now!

what to do with the left over yarns? a pair of baby socks?

do you think the right one has more dark shades?

knit project: socks for mother's day
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: woman's medium (64 stitches, tubular cast on)
yarn: brown sheep's wildfoote luxury sock yarn in geranium (08)
knitting specs: 2 X US 2 cir.

May 05, 2005

mindless knitting into summer

it feels like summer already in the south, and i have entered a phase of mindless knitting.

i have completed a sock as of this wednesday. so far i am pleased with the result but afraid that i will not have enough patience to finish the pair, which conveniently reminds me why i never liked making socks. the whole "have to make a pair" thing just deflates my motivation. funny this does not apply to sleeves.

aside from socks, two other projects, the baby cardigan and fluffy camisole/cowl, are moving along at a steady pace. i had set some reachable daily knitting goals for each project (like 10 rows per day, etc) to comfort myself from the mundane stockinette stitches and the repetitive lace pattern. so far, it works for my easily fooled mind.

last week, i received the yarn for the wave skirt of interweave spring. i am so tempted to start but it really needs to wait until i either finish off the socks (for my mum), or complete all the stockinette stitches for the baby sweater. in the meantime, i'm just trying to see if i need some cute tops to go with this currently non-existent skirt of mine.

so, it's going to be summer soon, what a great time to look forward to!

this is what summer is for me

April 17, 2005

presenting honeymoon cami!

i finished the honeymoon cami this weekend! it did not go as smoothly as i had hoped, i ripped it off many times due to my own carelessness in following the pattern. it could be better, but i'm happy with the way it had turned out.

this is a very fast project, the ribbing at the bottom is very simple yet elegant! i was going to make it to be more elaborate but opted not to. the body shaping is quite straight forward but does all the magic! i especially love th deep V neckline back and front. the yarn i used is perfect for this project. the garment is quite light after it's finished, and i love the color a lot!

i can not wait for the summer to be here so i can wear it to the beach!

if you would like to make this cami, there's a knitalong going on!

honeymoon cami in rowan's linen drape in bleached. US 6. beautifully designed by julia. photographed by my talented husband.

knit project: knitty - honeymoon cami by julia trice
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: 32 in
yarn: rowan's linen drape in bleached
knitting specs: US 6 cir.

April 02, 2005

linen cami for the weekend

this is what i'm working on this weekend... details in "honeymoon cami KAL"!

March 28, 2005

wavy skirt for the summer

so, this is what i'm going to make with the cotton fleece yarn i ordered last week. though many projects in IK spring 05 seem interesting to make, this one in particular grabbed my attention the most! i have never knitted anything that is not a top, so, it would be a first for me!

as spring IK puts it, a skirt with colors of sorbet! must be yummy to wear.

March 25, 2005

i wonder...

seems like many knitters are interested in making butterfly from rowan37, could there be a knitalong somewhere?

March 20, 2005

quick update

i took a lot of pictures of my knitting this weekend and was ready to post some entries with my recent knitting activities, but not sure why "hello bloggerbot"- program i use to post pictures was not responding.

hmm.. how disappointing! thus i am also comteplating whether i should invest in getting movable type?

anyway, good progress this weekend. i have picked debbie bliss's cable and seed jacket to be the project for my friend's newborn son. i use peruvian wool from and it turns out rather nicely so far. single spun peruvian wool splits quite easily so that is my only complain for this yarn. i have completed the back and have started on the sleeves. knitting a baby garment is so much faster!!

finally received my rowan 37. there are a few projects i'd love to make - butterfly (the short version in pink!!), chicago (love the tiny flowers!), beaded martha, marianne (short version) and heirloom. again, no pictures to show! for those of you owns the copy, you'd know what i'm talking about!

i also love kaffe fassett's design in this issue. i'm tempting to make the stepped flowers stole... i can see that would be a year long project!

February 23, 2005

off to asia

hopefully i'll have time to update my blog for the next couple weeks...

fluffy camisole is coming along slowly

i decided to start off the fluffy camisole from "weekend knitting" by knitting the matching cowl first. so, so how long do you think it took me to do four rows for this fluffy cowl? well, it took me TWO hours. let's just say that the kidsilk haze is not the most user-friendly yarn out there. but look at her, she is so pretty! can we say it's all worth it?
fluffy lace, you're so pretty!

can you tell i made a mistake on row 3? the knobby things should not be align. oh well, this pretty thing is destined to have a flaw!

February 22, 2005

first knitalong

i spotted this knitalong on "digital yarn" and i thought to myself, well, it's about time for me to join one. now my problems are: when to start, when to make the purchase, and what color to get?

well, i won't be able to start until my trip to taiwan/HK, and i'll probably have to buy the yarn after i get back in mid. march (by then i'm sure we'll be seeing many knitters modeling this cute cardigan), but most important of all, what COLOR? i love the green on this model, and it's the color for this season, so i may end up using the same color. but, those soft pink, pale blue, even the light grey look all so good. as indecisive as i am, it'll be difficult to nail it down. also, where should i buy the yarn from? questions, questions, questions. it's good that i do enjoy pondering such frivolous questions.

rebecca No.29. cute cardigan is about to break my budget.

February 19, 2005

valentine's vest

i did get to wear my cheesylove vest on valentine's day. one compliment was received by a total stranger

current projects

after finishing off some small projects and the cheesylove vest, i now have the time to focus on the new ones! though spring is coming and i need to start working on some lighter garments, i still would like to get these couple projects out of the way! the more i knit, the more i feel that i'm a "finisher", unfinished projects give me anxiety. too much yarn in my stash gives me anxiety, too. that is probably why my stash can still fit into one plastic tub.

these are the projects i'm (will be) working on:

lacy fluffy camisole from "weekend knitting"
i wanted to have this camisole the moment i saw it! i bought the oh so lovely "kidsilk haze" in trance and matching cotton DMC perle a while back for this camisole so i'm all set to go! the lace pattern is so delicate and beautiful, it'll be a challenge to work on, but i'm sure i'll enjoy it!
ruffles scarf from "scarf style"
these soft 100% alpaca yarn was purchased at "ac moore", i did not expect to find such soft and beautiful alpaca yarn from there, not to mention at that price range. so i immediately have this scarf in mind! this yarn knits up so beautifully, though the progress of this project is currently slow (due to the twist and short rows), but i think it'll be a great project for my upcoming travel to asia.
cable sweater (right), hat & scarf set from rebecca No. 26
i have made the hat using lion brand's "kool wool" in ivory and it looked fantastic! never thought i'd like anything lion brand. so i'm proceeding with the scarf using the same yarn. this project will also be on the plane with me. as for the cable sweater, i have yet to make one for myself, so i think i'll take on this one. this pattern is the most appealing one to me so far!

so next weekend, i'll be in asia knitting like mad while checking out all the LYS and buying pattern books!

February 06, 2005


cheesylove, can i have you done before the valentine's come?

February 03, 2005

story of my willow

to me, the word “willow” bares a tone of sadness. in the far orient, willow is the tree that lines the path of classic gardens in suzhou, the tree that sweeps the yangtze river in shanghai; there they called it the “weeping willow”.

i have never been to shanghai nor suzhou, but whenever i think of willow, i think of the men and women who had strolled those willow lined river banks in the mystical cities of china, they may be serenading their budding romance, bidding a heartrending farewell or holding on to a forbidden affair. nobody knew what they were saying, only the willow trees had their secrets.

in kim hargreave’s world, “willow” is a beautiful ribbon twist cardigan with hues of blues, greys and greens.

in my weblog, willow is not sad, it bares no blues but shades of warm reds and frosty tufts.

willow is a fast project. it tooked me about three weekends to complete. the whole project was done in US15 needles instead of the suggested size (US17/12mm). i like the tension with US15 needles better. the sweater came out very form fitting and i like that.
the instruction did not specify the right slanted/left slanted dec. or inc. but i worked those in in this project. i have also added chain-stitched selvedge stitches to all pieces but i found it to be unnecessary. i used a DK weight yarn to sew the sleeves and side seams and i'm glad i did that. i found some big and beautiful cream color mother of pearl buttons for the cardigan, it matches the frosty tuft very nicely.

i did not do a good job in weaving in loose ends and they have been bothering me ever since the completion of this project (i'm still thinking about this). i did a horrible shoulder seaming job as i used the ribbon twist yarn, it was thick and a bit bulky. i will, in the future, use grafting technique instead of backstitch/mattress stitch to seam shoulders, as slanted shoulder bind off makes matching rows difficult for me.

all these misfortunes were hidden from pictures posted, but be no doubt i am bogged down by them every time i think about it.

all in all, i am in love with my willow.

January 29, 2005

2004 FOs

i made a few things in last year, mostly small things but i was really happy that i had completed the sweater that i started back in 2001.

2004 is also the year i started to invest in knitting- my yarn stash, knitting book, and bamboo needle collection. here are some of my FOs in 2004 and earlier:

rebecca no. 24

the sweater that took forever to finish!! when i made the sweater back in 2002, i had very vague concept of gauge/tension, and i substituted everything - yarn, needle size, actual size. i figured that if i used a smaller needle, then i'd just knit a bigger size for the difference. well, that was bold. anyway, the sweater turned out great, it fits well (surprise!). my only regret was my hasty seam job. oh well.

the famous "stitch&bitch; needle roll"

i absolutely loved it! i did not know how to sew, nor had a sewing machine, but i went and bought some very orient theme fabrics and had in mind that i'd just hand sew the case! well, turned out i had a friend who one weekend brought over her sewing machine and showed me how to make this thing, we spent one night, and a beautiful needle roll was born!

blueberry waffle socks

the first pair of socks ever made for my husband. i was very pleased with it at that time. it was easier than i had anticipated. i have yet to make another pair for myself. any day now.

lopi lace scarf from weekend knitting

i felt in love with this scarf when i saw the book. it was so charming on the model showing the market bag (another great project). i made this for my sister in HK. she likes it. i have plans to make another two with the suggested color combination. the only problem i had with the pattern was the ends tend to roll. i blocked it to reveal the lacy waves.

rebecca no. 24, fils anny blatt (silver grey)

this is my favorite FO so far. i had wanted to make the eyelet scarf in this magazine forever but could not bring myself to buy the yarn suggested in the pattern. my friend (who is a great knitter) had offered me this yarn from her stash. this project took me so long as it was the first time i knited lace. i love the way it turned out. i think it feels more like a shawl than a scarf to me.

cable sweater in mission falls 1824 (putty)

this is the cable sweater i made for my husband back in 2002. i had wanted to make him a cable sweater but i did not know how to do cables, so i learned some basics from the book, and casted on! this was also the first project i had followed a pattern. well, i actually just followed the cable part and changed mostly everything else. it was a difficult project. but my husband likes it, he still wears it today.

ghost beanie in tahki stacy charles ghost (orange and pink)

i went to a LYS last year just to browse. i ended up buying yarns for a tote bag and a ball of this lovely yarn. it was a pricy yarn so i thought i'd just make a hat. i knew what i was looking for so i just knit along without a pattern. it turned out very nicely.