July 24, 2005

orangina is a deceitful purple top

sometimes, you just wish you were a supermodel.

knit project: glampyre knits - orangina
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: smallest (less 9 stitches)
yarn: ornaghi filati's gong in burgundy (988)
knitting specs: US 3 cir.

beautiful things can be delusional, unattainable and often deceitful. for instance: the mirage in the desert, mr. big from sex and the city, the yellow frogs in the amazon rain forest, the unreal length of those models' legs from victoria's secret's catalogue, and, of course, my purple orangina top!

i finished my orangina this weekend, this little lacey peek-a-boo top radiated such beauty that i had to put it on. and, what you didn't know was that this top instantly made you look like a supermodel, made your boobs two sizes bigger and you just want to masquerade as an expensive catwalk model for an evening. how surreal! but i definitely took this euphoric advantage and ran with it.

need i say more? so many smart knitters had already discovered the magic of orangina and had already fashioned their FOs all over blogland, so, i'm going to spare some technicalities here. what i had done differently were the following: to compensate for my petite asian frame, i casted on 9 stitches less than the smallest CO number, it had turned out quite nicely for it gave a fitted yet comfortable look. i increased the ribbing from 4 inches to 5 so the top would not accentuate the fat deposited abs. i seamed only one inch for the shoulder, instead of two, that worked out nicely as well. also, for the BO, i used crochet hook and did a single chain BO specified in vogue knitting to create an elastic edge. i originally used the standard BO method, that did not work out so well for this fiber. and, speaking of fiber: this yarn is the loveliest cotton yarn i have ever used (though i've only tried two kinds). but still, this yarn does not split, has a beautiful sheen and knits up nicely. i am not sure if it would bleed, i'll let you know. but if you can get your hands on this fiber, please don't hesitate.

what else would i have done differently? not much! though i can stand the top being a bit longer, but i would have increased the lace panel more (ie, 14 to 14.5 inch) than just the ribbing. i may want to try a lighter color so it can be worn with a light color cami. now, tell me, is this top too revealing for work, if no cami is worn underneath? i think so.

the obligatory self-proclaimed glamour black and white!
ok. i'm done. i don't think i want to be a supermodel. i just want to be a happy knitter who occasionally has some wild wacky dreams.

what next? butterfly from rowan. it's coming!

July 14, 2005

a sheet of purple lace

i am multitasking right now: reviewing data for my experiment, babysitting the robot (i work in a robotic drug screening lab) and, i'm blogging. how's that for efficiency? actually, i have been multitasking my knit projects these few days, too! i have *finally* finished the ribbed socks for my dad (pictures to come), surprisingly it fits me perfectly! actually, my dad is a small guy so i am pretty sure he can wear it, too.

so, ribbed socks out of the way, sockapal-2-za socks begin and that will be my project this weekend. hopefully, i'll have something to show next tuesday!

i forgot to bring my orangina pattern along, so i am just making laces (may be longer than necessary now). i'll start on the back (or front) piece this weekend, too.

purple lace everywhere!
what about audrey? well, sleeves are half way done (wonderful!), not only that, i also watched "roman holiday" this weekend with my husband (kudos for him as it is classified as a chick-flick). i am drawn to classics on regular basis, i think if a movie can sustain the test of time and popular culture, it is destined to be seen. so, i have made an effort to watch "gone with the wind" when i first came to alabama. totally loved it, given that at the time i was just slowly introduced to the southern culture etc. aside from "roman holiday", we also watched "the graduate" this weekend. another classic! strange to see dustin hoffman as a young guy.

so, what are your favorite classic movies?

July 05, 2005

orangina is a purple top

i started a number of projects this weekend but the sockapal-2-za socks. how lame. one excuse for not starting up the socks was because the needles required to make them were occupied by the unfinished ribbing socks for my dad. equally lame, i know. oh well, guess i was just not in a "sock mood" this weekend.

so, no sockapal-2-za sock update this week. however, the lovely orangina is starting to take form at whispering pine!

i discovered that there's a yarn shop (!!) near our apartment in the city last week. this lovely yarn shop is only ten minutes away and they have quite a lovely yarn selection. there i spotted some gong cotton yarns by ornaghi filati and decided to use them for the orangina project.

it's the color of aubergine, color of pinot noir, and color of orangina!

i seem to have ambivalent feelings for the color purple. sometimes they are lovely to my eyes yet often they are just so unappealing. hmm, why is that? i have concluded that the color purple owns a wide spectrum of intensity and saturation (though you can pretty much say the same thing to all colors), and i seem to only find a few shades attractive.

anyway, toss my color theory aside, this particular shade of purple has proven to fit my taste. i called it the color of pinot noir, and i think they are going to be lovely as orangina!

ha! i was a bit careless and had overestimated my level of confidence when i started and guess what happened? this tangling yarn. oh, never overlooked the lace patterns, keep your stitches accurate and pay attention! i had to constantly remind myself.

don't you know lace is a finicky thing?

so, after a few rows, the lace has started to take form. wonderful! now, i am going to have some pinot* and relax!

*side note for pinot noir: i started to pay more attention to pinot after the movie "sideways". aside from the fact that this movie is one of the most interesting ones i have seen as of late, wine enthusiastic would also find this flick appealing. me, a wine enthusiastic wannabe, find this movie both inspirational and very informative in the topic of life and wine.*