November 07, 2006

0.25mm of difference

while we were taking the halloween pictures last weekend, we also took pictures of the finished railway socks (my socktoberfest socks)- they look even more beautiful on feet. the sun was so lovely that afternoon, i also had some progress of my butterfly documented. but why they are not posted, you ask? well, my camera/computer interface screwed up, and one of them ate the pictures.

since then the sun was gone, the rain had started... the winter is approaching.

i started the norwegian stockings last week and was making great progress. until of course when i tried the sock on, it was way to tight. my stitches were so tight and ugly that it was shameful to even show you the pictures (hence no pictures). then i realized that i had been knitting this thing on a size 1 needle all along.

stocking was ripped! the second (or third, if you count the first one) attempt seemed to be better, or much looser. fairisle is a tricky business.

it would be unbearable to write off fair isle for it is the art of knitting. i can't not be good at fair isle, especially after seeing hege's recently finished sweater, and those gorgeous solveig hisdal sweaters she was showing on her blog. and eunny's gorgeous design. gosh, that was a true work of art!

let's hope the weather gets better soon in atlanta.

September 08, 2006

yarn candy friday

purly has lots of great ideas, she came up with "eye candy friday"- pictures of gorgeous things. i have none of those here. instead, i have pictures of previously promised intown bag, and sweater projects for this fall.

i'm hoping my friend would not check my post this weekend to find out about her bag, her amy butler's intown bag.

purple japanese print fabric lined with kaffe fassett's cotton

it is surprising how lovely these two tones of colors look together. kaffe fassett's cotton has lots of depth, the green you see here is actually a combination of blue and gold threads. so amazing. i modified the pattern and added a magnet snap. now, let's hope this girl likes it. she is not a crafter whatsoever, i sure hope she appreciates hand crafted goods.



i'm making a couple sweaters for husband this fall (finally, he says!). this is lars from rowan36. i found some cheap rowan's plaid here, among other things.


the second one is LMKG's zipped cardi. the original pattern shows in variegated brown.


husband is obviously in a phase of warm color tones, he requested his in this deep orange color. i found another bag of rowanspun on sale. i love this yarn, can't wait to knit with it again.

i'm thinking of using brown zipper to maintain the contrast. who can suggest a good site for zippers. i want the kind joelle hoverson used with a little loop.


for me, i am finally going to make roxie!!

roxie from rowan's big just got bigger, i'm making it in color temper

let's just hope i won't look like a grizzly when wearing it.


completely non-knitting related topic: i learned about this website from one of y'all crafters, now i'm hooked!!! here's what i bought and finally came.


a cardigan in a bag! how cute!! the instruction says to create the crinkled effect, i must store the cardi twisted in the provided bag.

i love it.

June 06, 2006

cotton lawn, anyone?

wow. so glad to see you guys digging my pj. this is a truly satisfying project! i am going to make another one for my sister and it will be in shorts. i will re-use the pattern butl probably need to be creative on making it the next size up. an imaginary line will have to be created. it should work.

now i'm moving on to something else. i want a flowy summer dress. bad. and i see some gorgeous ones on banana republic with price tags i don't like. however, they should not be so hard to make, right? i love love love the yellow dress, but, it may be a little bit out of my skill level right now. the other two white dresses, however, look somewhat simple and i just so happened to find a similar pattern here a similar pattern here. now we are on to something...

summer and cotton go hand in hand. but do you know how many kinds of cotton fabrics there are? so freaking complicated. if you had happened to physically touch the yellow banana republic dress i liked, you would know that that "light cotton" is really, truly, light. and airy. which i think it belongs to something called organdy? or, lawn? or, gauze? see, i'm not so sure.

anyone knows a good place to get light weight, floaty cotton fabrics? this time, i'm searching for just plain white. no amy butler, vintage cherries or apples. i just want a ruffling white summer dress in light cotton fabric.


i have some knitting to share... not overly exciting but knitting nonetheless. stay tuned.

August 25, 2005

autumn knits

will they be part of my wardrobe this season? (left: nan and roxie from big just got bigger; right: rowan36 and highgate)

thank you for all the lovely comments about audrey, as such, she will be loved and worn by me throughout this winter season. i will get much use out of it and will never throw it away, or give it to the salvation army should her glamour disappear one day.

speaking of fall, i can not wait. colorful foliage and breezy mornings... you can walk to a nearby coffee shop without the sweat and the bugs. but honestly, i think i'm more excited about knitting sweaters for cold weather than the season change itself. what knitter confession that is. so there are a few things i would like to make for the fall:

i have yet to knit a pair for myself, swapping does not count. i am so looking forward to just knit a pair of socks for me, me, me, me, me. and guilt free.

perferably with chunky weight wool. like roxie from rowan's "big just got bigger". i have been wanting to make this one since last winter, i love the wooly fringes. few years ago i started to notice this furry edge trend; in fact, my sister had owned a jacket like that. i was afraid that this trend may eventually fall out of fashion like, say, the high waisted jeans with white sneakers look of the 80's. luckily, i don't think this furry fringe thing is going anywhere soon. so, roxie it is.

what about nan? she is also very lovely. but can i afford to own her, too? one must not feel greedy.

cable sweater.
like the classic highgate. more specifically, like felicia's classic pink highgate. why pretend? it is going to be exactly like that! i have the yarn already purchased. i have the pattern book sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust. so, i'm really all set for this one. i am looking foward to making a cable sweater for myself.

vintage jacket.
i now have a copy of angelina from white lies design. so, why wait? start shopping for yarns and get to work! i don't have $200 to buy a ready made one from anthropologie, but i may have $150 to buy the yarn and spend three weeks making one. is this logic a bit strange? not to me.

short-sleeved sweater.
my mum had bought me some jo sharp's silkroad aran from brisbane to make "amy" earlier this year. after i had a chance to look at the pattern much closely i changed my mind. i love jo sharp's yarn, but i can't say the same thing about her patterns. ms. jo sharp, please note that we new-age knitters are shape conscious. please, in the future consider some waist shaping for all your patterns. and please note that we are also pretty observant knitters, too. perhaps you want to use more than one template design for the entire pattern book. using a different color yarn for a same pattern does not count as two patterns.

so anyway, now i got stucked with just enough yarn to make something short sleeved.. which i will probably just make something up and be done with it. i can not wait to wear this lovely yarn against my skin.

i have also acquired (bought) a sweater worth of denim silk from LYS a while back to make teva durham's ibiza shirt (no stripes, just denim look). i feel this fiber is probably more suitable for a spring garment, but we shall see. and, that rowan blue KSH short sleeved number looks like a winner, too. hmm. i have not yet made up my mind, obviously. what the hell? make them all.

i felt in love with this shirt not because of the shirt, but this hot model (loop-d-loop ibiza shirt)

husband's sweater.
i have also promised my personal photographer/husband that i will tailored made him a sweater so the back will not blow out like it can fit a gorilla. in return, he will take more lovely pictures for me and possibly write an entry on how he takes photos and his thoughts on my sweater. he was quite pleased with the cable sweater i had made him a few years ago. but this time, i got some jaeger's luxury tweed to make him a nicer sweater. anyone want to join in to make a husband's sweater?

this list is getting long, i better stop. though i had a good feeling that it will get longer before the fall actually starts.

June 13, 2005

shall we get it finished?

the past weekend was one of those you felt like you were knitting like crazy but there was nothing to show, or at least nothing exciting to show.

so, i was trying to tidy up all the projects i started back in the spring, i had hopes that i'd finish the baby cardigan, but due to several ripping and reknitting, it is still waiting to be sewn together. also, due to excessive/obsessive blocking, i may have flatten the ruffling a bit too much! so, i took it off the blocking board and let it sit and regain its ruffling shape before constructing it into a proper garment. knitting is such a forever learning experience, isn't it?

almost there!
i am also knitting along the skirt but have nothing to show. i'm hoping by the end of this week, i will be able to finish all the increases and begin the fun part - stripes of summery sorbet colors!

once i've finished the baby cardigan and the socks for my dad, i am thinking of starting this halter top with GGH capri i bought earlier this year. what do you think? i know i can not wear the halter top to work, but at least i can wear them during weekends, so i'm not just knitting something that i'll never wear. i'm all for practical knitting!

rebecca24 halter top in capri
i hope this week will pass quickly so i can get back to my knitting. i came across an amazing piece of design by anna this weekend! whew! i was totally blown away by such ingenious style and completely fashion forward! i hope she will decide to share or publish this pattern because i will be there buying it!

April 12, 2005

male pattern question for all fabulous knitwear designers

here's a question regarding male sweater pattern/design i'd like to ask my fellow knitters:

most patterns for men have no waist shaping at all (at least i have not came across one), usually that is not an issue for most men. but my husband, whom has a very defined inverted triangle upper body shape (read: well built), when he puts on such garment (store bought included), the back would always felt short or hangs out. therefore he hopes that when i knit a sweater for him, i can specifically tailored to his body shape so it won't do that.

how? is my questions to you all. waist shaping? i know it may be an odd question or request. but nowadays i have noticed the men's fashion is looking more tailored. so i'm hoping some of you knitwear designers out there would be able to provide some input.

i have also posted this questions somewhere else and here are some suggestions so far from and knitter's review forum. feel free to share yours in the comment. i'm hoping this would be something helpful to many.

that's my man!

March 21, 2005

pattern inspirations

i do intend to share my growing pattern book collections! so here they are:

my mum so generously brought me the entire collection of jo sharp's patterns from australia!! i like them quite a lot. though i've noticed that many of her designs are quite similar. i don't know if i like the body shapings for some of the patterns. however, i can see these books reflect very truly an australian way of life.
the book in the picture with chinese characters is one of my yarn shopping finds in taipei. in it are many cute motifs for storybook characters and alike:
aren't they cute?? i plan to incorprate some of the designs in my upcoming projects. i.e., this lovely t-shirt!!
so here are the rowan patterns i'd like to work on, notice two of them are made with kidsilk haze... i intend to use the kanebo yarns i got from taipei! they are just as lovely (sorry, pictures will have to come later)!!
love rowan. all so beautiful, all so sweet!