December 14, 2008

tutu bunny

i made this wee wonderful's kitty for my niece mimi a while ago, when she was a wee baby. since then, i had plans to make all three characters, with matching outfits. i went so far as to put together the bunny, cut out the bear (using the softest cashmere!)... but they have been tucked away in my drawer for god knows how long.

as a crafter, nothing makes you smile more when you receive feedback for things you have made. my sister in law tells me, mimi loves the kitty that she sleeps with it every night! mimi also was wondering if i could make a couple outfits for her kitty... well, what do you say to that? of course!!

my brother's family was here with us during thanksgiving, so i made a sweater (from hilary's freebies) and a couple outfits for the kitty, and quickly finished the bunny, along with a bag. everything is cuter with a bag!

buuny details
tutu bunny
bunny in a bag
mimi and her toys

mimi decided to call the bunny tutu, as bunny in chinese. so there you go, tutu bunny in a bag, with a sweater, a dress and an apron. she's ready to play.

June 04, 2007

a herd

i saw this little elephant in one of my japanese craft books. i decided to draw out the pattern and make my version this weekend. the original looks like it's made out of linen but i made mine with some cashmere i have laying around.

cashmere elephant

cute?! i love that it's cashmere (who wouldn't?) and you can't stop with making just one... the herd grows, with a wee one, too!

cashmere elephant

February 21, 2007

gingham kitty


i made another wee wonderfuls toy. this is the pointy kitty. i love gingham fabrics, purely because they are so darn cute. i found my inspiration here, a japanese craft book i mentioned in the past.

my cat loves the kitty, too. as you can easily see, she is already chewing on it. how sweet.

January 26, 2007

before the holidays...

i made a couple things and brought them to hong kong with me. one is amy butler's intown bag (again!) for my sister.

china 1307.jpg

i haven't had a chance to try other amy butler's patterns, but i just adore intown bag. it is simple, versatile (depending on the fabric, it can be winter, summer, casual or dressy!), and very practical. it is very likely that i will make another one in the near future.

what i really want to show you is the kitty doll from wee wonderfuls.


this is for my niece. of course! i can only imagine how adorable it would be of her holding my handmade toy. the kitty is named mona. she is stylish and fashion conscious, just look at that purple shoes! i used the linen and cotton fabrics i swapped with joujouka last spring. they are incredible soft and organic, perfect for a child's toy.

i wanted the doll to look handmade, so i opted for a very simple facial expression. and then, i made a bag for doll as well. i am thinking of knitting a sweater for kitty mona. kitty needs a good wardrobe, too!

here are some close-up shots:


making toys are f-u-n!!! and i'm now a wee wonderfuls addict. i want to make the robot for my nephew. i'm sure he'll be thrilled.