wave skirt

June 26, 2005

sorbet skirt in every direction

"your skirt is lovely", so my husband tells me.

knit project: interweave spring 2005 - wave skirt
difficulty (1-5): 2.3
size: 27 in
yarn: brown sheep's cotton fleece in assorted colors
knitting specs: US 5 & 6 cir.

my husband has always been a great supporter for my knitting, he always praises my work. however, he is particularly happy with this one and he's inspired to take many pictures for me during the sunset of this warm alabama sunday!

so, i have to say that my worries for knitting a skirt is completely gone by the end of this project. kat coyle is a genius for designing this figure flattering skirt. though a lot of kamikaze knitting went on this past couple weeks, i still think that this is a very quick and straight forward knit, though don't let all the weaving ins scare you off. cotton fleece can not have enough compliments from me, also, i learned how to bind off in beautiful lacey edges which is always a thumbs-up from me when i get to learn new techniques from a project!

i only lightly blocked this by pinning the edgings and spraying some water to let it dry. i will wash this after i wear this to work tomorrow! i'm all for integrating my knittings in with my daily wardrobe. hey, less shopping for commercially made clothes for me!

"she's equally flattering in every direction", husband adds.

what a finishing weekend! no more excitement for a while, my friends.

June 24, 2005

almost done!

she's all striped now!

June 18, 2005

she is just a mini-skirt

for now, that is!

saturday afternoon, florida weather. you know if you stay out for a couple hours, you might get a tan, and nobody would know if the tan was from florida or your back deck. so, there i was, pretending to be under the florida sun, clicking my sorbet skirt away.

i know i had plans to finish off the baby cardigan (hey, i still have sunday to do it!), but i was having too much fun making all these lovely stripes! maybe too much fun that i had forgotten to put on sunscreen. i am feeling a little sunburn right now. oops!

sunblock, sorbet stripes, stripey weave ins and mini skirt were what i was thinking about during this sunny afternoon!

June 17, 2005

quick and sorbety

you will be pleased to know that my sorbet skirt is now entering the stripey zone. oh, the cotton fleece is just lovely; stockinette stitches produce an even, shiny, cottony fabric. light, to my surprise, and very soft! sometimes, you really just need to give praises to the american made yarns. i also put the skirt on to see the fit, and i'm happy with the fit! excellent!

so, anyone who is interested in seeing a finished wave skirt, go here. anyone who is interested in making a knitted skirt, don't hesitate anymore! get yourself some cotton fleece and start stitching.

more later with pictures.

June 07, 2005

managing disasters

first, i would like to express my appreciation to all the generous compliments on the fluffy cami! they are precious to me and my blog! so, thank you.

last night, i casted on (for the second time) the sorbet skirt and i'm about 6 or 7 rows from the beginning. it's not dramatic enough to justify a picture so i'm saving that till later. i have been reading and stealthing knitting blogs for a few months and have yet to come across a knitted skirt, when i did, it usually ended up being loathed by the creator. hmm... this makes me worry for i chose this project based on the fact that i'd be able to wear it to work, and the color of the skirt should be quite complementing to an array of tops i own. so, what if the skirt turned out to be a colossal disaster? then, all my expectation and fantasy for this piece will be vanished instantly. do i want to carry on a project bearing such fear? but, if kat coyle can pulled it off, i hope i can, too.

to minimize the risk of creating a disastrous knitwear, i made a couple modifications to the original pattern: given that the smallest size was still too big for me, i will knit in US5 all the way until the fan feather pattern in hope that the upper part of the skirt will at least be fitted to my petite frame. i will use US6 instead of US7 for the lower part of the skirt, and eliminate some repeat sequences so the length of the skirt will be some what appropriate for my height. now, should i make the lace edging? oh, i'll make that decision when i come to that.

and, i will also try on this piece as early and frequently as possible, if at some point i feel that the skirt will invariably be a failure, i will, without any reservation, frog. thank goodness i'm using brown sheep's cotton fleece. i love this yarn. versatile and soft!

whew! what a stressful entry.

aside from the skirt, i made some great progress on my dad's socks! i am on to the second sock now. however, i had just realized that in australia, father's day is not until september 4th. here i'm knitting my hearts out thinking june 19th is the d-day, and had verbally prepped my dad for a surprising gift, oh well, who to blame?

gotta love the one-size-fits-all ribbing sock

May 31, 2005

what are you knitting this week?

last day of may! summer will officially be here tomorrow. what did i do on the memorial weekend? i started a second pair of socks!

long tail cast on, 2X2 ribbing, nice and stretchy!

when i selected this particular yarn, i envisioned that this colorway would be more suitable for men, like my dad. and it did, such pretty blue, beige, grey and hints of purple. even i liked it! so a sequence of rationalization was initiated on my side as to perhaps i need to keep the socks to myself... (very bad)! my husband of course kept reminding me that it is going to be a pair of socks for my father. i am coming to grip of that fact now.

who won't love such beautiful array of colors?

since it will be summer soon (like tomorrow) and i have yet to make any decent progress on the sherbet skirt, i casted on that project last week, too! but after i have knitted a few rows, i was not too happy with the tension... so i ripped it off to start again when i attain a calmer mindset. i don't like to start a project when i'm in a haste.

uneven stitches everywhere. albeit the pretty color, you're going to be frogged!

also, remember the fluffy camisole? it's actually very close to finish! a picture to show you the DMC thread i'll use to crochet the edge. rowan's kid silk haze is really a soft and fluffy yarn. i love it!

DMC cotton perle bathed in the sun!

i'm also making slow progress on the baby cardigan, two more inches till the decrease for yoke! friend's baby won't be here until august, so i still have plenty of time! dale of norway's baby ull is a beauty to work with!

half way there!

so, the secret pal program is starting (so exciting), it feels like christmas! better than christmas actually, as you have no idea when and what the presents will be here! and you know someone else is feeling the same way, awaiting the presents you will be sending.

guess what i also found out this morning? alison at the blue blog is hosting sockapal-2-zers (another sock exchange progam)! you bet i'll be sending her my info tomorrow when the gate opens!

May 16, 2005

belated update on my sock adventure

i knew at the the back of my head that i needed to show some evidence that my sock knitting is not just a virtual blah. so, i'm catching the wave of the picture posting madness today to provide pictorial evidence of my sock knitting as of late.

this pile of yarn is my current sock yarn stash. they are enough for four pairs of socks. the variegated red is for my mum, greyish black is for my dad. i will own the red flaky self patterned and husband will have the most beautiful green/grey self patterned.

i started off my first attempt with my mum's socks (reason being i had the wild dream that i would finish the socks in time for mother's day). well, i finished one sock before mother's day. the second sock is still in progress.

sock knitting has been fun. i must say. since i am using two circulars to knit socks, i will cast on two socks at the same time for my next pair to avoid the setbacks.

these yummy looking yarn has been in my possession for two weeks now, they are for the wave skirt of IK spring. since the yarn looks more like delicious sorbet, this project will now be called "the sorbet skirt" in my blog.

i am so eager to start this project! but, due to the number of WIPs is too high for my taste at this moment, i will not start until one of the projects is done. thus, i'm knitting away the socks like mad!

delicious yarn for my sorbet skirt!

May 05, 2005

mindless knitting into summer

it feels like summer already in the south, and i have entered a phase of mindless knitting.

i have completed a sock as of this wednesday. so far i am pleased with the result but afraid that i will not have enough patience to finish the pair, which conveniently reminds me why i never liked making socks. the whole "have to make a pair" thing just deflates my motivation. funny this does not apply to sleeves.

aside from socks, two other projects, the baby cardigan and fluffy camisole/cowl, are moving along at a steady pace. i had set some reachable daily knitting goals for each project (like 10 rows per day, etc) to comfort myself from the mundane stockinette stitches and the repetitive lace pattern. so far, it works for my easily fooled mind.

last week, i received the yarn for the wave skirt of interweave spring. i am so tempted to start but it really needs to wait until i either finish off the socks (for my mum), or complete all the stockinette stitches for the baby sweater. in the meantime, i'm just trying to see if i need some cute tops to go with this currently non-existent skirt of mine.

so, it's going to be summer soon, what a great time to look forward to!

this is what summer is for me

March 28, 2005

wavy skirt for the summer

so, this is what i'm going to make with the cotton fleece yarn i ordered last week. though many projects in IK spring 05 seem interesting to make, this one in particular grabbed my attention the most! i have never knitted anything that is not a top, so, it would be a first for me!

as spring IK puts it, a skirt with colors of sorbet! must be yummy to wear.